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Monday, December 6, 2021

BTS Decides To Extend Its Period Of Rest

In recent news, BTS announced that it will be extending its current period of rest.

Back in August of 2019, the K-Pop septet, which comprises Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, Jin, Suga, V, and RM publicly announced that they were going to stay away from the spotlight for a while. However, the band returned to singing just a month after it made this announcement. 

Just last weekend, Big Hit Music, the label that represents the IDOL hitmakers revealed that the celebrities have once again decided that they will be taking a break and using the time off to recharge. This announcement came shortly after the band finished its commitments related to the Jingle Bell Tour and Permission to Dance On Stage.

The lengthy statement released by the label further added that this is the second official extended time period of rest that BTS has decided to take. The first time it took an official break was back in the year 2019. It announced that the band will be taking their break after the BTS Permission to Dance on Stage in LA and then the Jingle Ball Tour for 2021.

The label went on to applaud the band for staying active in 2020 and 2021, amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic, in order to engage with its fans during this trying time. It claimed that the singers had been able to achieve impressive results during this time and even cemented themselves as the top artists around the globe. 

Big Hit Music was also hit with various queries regarding the length of the break. However, it assured the fans that the break will be a short one and will be over by the end of the festive season. The statement further added that this period of rest is being taken to provide the band members with a chance to reinspire and recharge themselves with creative energy. According to the label, the band deserves this break after working tirelessly and committing to a number of activities. 

Big Hit Music claimed that this is the first time that BTS members will be spending the holiday season with their loved ones. Therefore, it requested the fans to show that they are considerate and allow the boys to take time off and enjoy their time, as they concentrate on themselves. 

Moreover, the statement teased that the My Universe hitmakers were soon going to be coming up with their new album. This, according to the label, will be the next chapter in their prosperous career and preparation to help them communicate and connect with fans in Seoul, in the month of March. 

At the end of the statement, Big Hit Music extended its gratitude to the fans who support BTS and cheer for them. It promised that the boys will be returning happy, healthy, and recharged to continue to receive love from their fans. 

Furthermore, the label asked the fans to provide privacy to the members of BTS to allow them maximum time with themselves and the people in their lives.

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