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Friday, December 3, 2021

Britney Spears Feels Grateful And Blessed As She Celebrates Her 40th

Britney Spears recently revealed that she feels grateful and blessed, as she celebrated her 40th birthday on Thursday.

The star has had a turbulent year, where her personal life is concerned. Just a while ago, Judge Brenda Penny put an end to some of her most difficult troubles, when she terminated Spear’s 13-year long controversial conservatorship. This had extended to not only her person, but her estate as well.

Thus, the popstar marked her milestone age in style by taking to Instagram and expressing her gratitude. She added how she had cried tears of joy on her 40th and thanked everyone, her fans and her loved ones, for sending out birthday wishes. 

Spears also posted a video of Sam Asghari, her fiancé, who can be seen popping open a bottle of champagne. She captioned the picture, saying that she did not drink the champagne at all. The video also consisted of the hitmaker showing everyone a glimpse of the cake that her fiancé had gotten made for her birthday. There was also an extravagant balloon installation in the hotel where she was staying, Cabo San Lucas, located in Mexico.

The post made by Britney also featured a grand firework display that Sam had organized on the beach. Later on, he too made a social media post congratulating the star and sending praises her way. Moreover, he hinted that the couple may soon be tying the knot, and not wait until the time they had originally planned to do it. The two had gotten engaged back in September, after dating for a total of five years.

The caption that Sam posted referred to his fiancée as a lioness because of her relentless strength. He added that she inspires him with her beautiful heart and that her smile lights up his entire world. In his words, Britney is Sam’s queen, which he wrote alongside pictures of the couple setting foot on a private jet. 

In other news, Machine Gun Kelly has revealed his own brand of nail polish. 

The actor and musician, whose real name is Colson Baker, has decided to team up with Unlisted Brand Lab to come up with UN/DN LAQR. The nail paint collection has been deemed genderless and consists of an assortment of no less than five topcoats and 10 colors. 

The Wild Boy hitmaker took to talking about the freedom of expression, saying that he did not want to stop at clothes. In his words, nail polish is a way of self-expression, and he likes to be different every day. He went on to add that when he does his nails, Kelly feels like he is wearing his thoughts and making a statement for the world to see. 

Along with the individual shades in the collection, it will include three polish kits, as well as eight curated trio packs. Moreover, the founder and chief executive officer of Unlisted Brand Lab, Candy Harris, announced that he is excited to see how fans react to the fun nail polish range being released by the star.

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