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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Jessie J Reveals She Is In Pain As She Battles Unknown Health Issue

In recent news, Jessie J has revealed that she has not gone a day without pain ever since she started battling a still unknown health issue. 

Back in the month of December, the Price Tag singer had been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, which is an inner ear disorder. Soon after, she announced that she was also suffering from a mystery issue in her throat, which does not allow her to sing with ease. 

Jessie added that she had been trying to stay positive, as she undergoes test after test to find out what the problem is. However, she posted on Instagram on Thursday, saying that she cried for hours during the week because she was unable to sing a song that is usually easy for her to vocalize. 

According to the star, the issue is not with her voice but how the problem is affecting her. She disclosed that she let herself grieve and feel the part of herself that is broken, which she often ends up ignoring. She also shared some old footage of herself singing Purple Rain by Prince. 

Jessie disclosed that it has been 6 months to when she first started feeling this way and there has not been a single day when she did not feel pain in her throat and neck. She went on to admit that some days are better than others and the pain is bearable. 

Talking about her throat, the singer clarified that her vocal cords are perfectly fine. She speculated that there could be a range of issues, such as allergy, thyroid, or spine but she will not know until the tests reveal a proper diagnosis. 

The popstar concluded her post on Instagram by letting her followers know that it is okay to acknowledge vulnerable moments, as well as positive ones like she is doing. She sent out her support to other people undergoing the testing time and said that she feels their pain and is there for them. Jessie encouraged people to hold on to their strengths as they will eventually get through this. 

Various celebrities have come forth and showed their support for the celebrity. The comment section of her post consisted of motivating words from JoJo, Paloma Faith, as well as Ryan Tedder. 

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