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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Best Gifts for Vinyl Collectors

Vinyl collectors are fun to buy gifts for because there are so many possibilities. While it’s always tempting to present a vinyl-loving friend with a new record, sometimes you want to think outside the box – or the turntable, as it were. Fortunately, we can help you out with a selection of sensational ideas that any vinyl collector will adore.

A Cleaning Kit with All the Fixings

Every vinyl lover needs a cleaning kit to keep their records as good as new. A cleaning kit for a record player wouldn’t hurt, either. In fact, this is your chance to delight someone with a two-in-one gift. Find a record cleaner that comes with everything, including a soft brush and a liquid cleaner that’s safe for vinyl. Make sure that the cleaner you get for the record player has good reviews, as well. The recipient will appreciate your thoughtfulness of a practical gift. Ask any vinyl collector and they’ll tell you that practical gifts are essential to keeping their treasure in excellent working condition.

Stunning Album Art

Most vinyl lovers are hard-pressed to choose a single favorite album. It’s more likely that they have many. However, they’re always happy to talk about them, especially if you engage in some gentle questioning. The point is that it shouldn’t be difficult to learn about some of the recipient’s most beloved albums. Take one of those to create album cover art. There are clear floating displays that can attach to the wall, but you can also select a perfectly fitted frame that will show off the album art to its best advantage. If it’s within your budget, you can always go with more than one cover. Why not create an entire wall art display for your friend?

A Meaningful Lyrical Print

In the same vein, a lyrical print is a touching gift for vinyl collectors. Check out independent vendors and Etsy stores to find someone who can create gorgeous art out of song lyrics. Naturally, you should choose your friend or loved one’s favorite song, or at least a meaningful one. It’s the kind of gift that hits hard and is something that the recipient will always remember.

Some Musical Education

It’s not uncommon for vinyl lovers to be musically inclined themselves. A vinyl collector may sing, write lyrics, compose music, or play an instrument. In that case, an unforgettable gift could be a musical education. Whether you go the whole hog and help with an academy class or look into seminars and other short-term events designed to teach composition, songwriting, or how to play an instrument, the gift recipient will appreciate the gesture. After all, with those tools available, your friend could ultimately be creating his or her own record album. How cool would that be?

Vinyl Home Decor

There are plenty of vinyl-inspired home decor items that will leave any collector tickled pink. Wall art is one thing, but you may want to go with something even more inventive. Fortunately, you’re spoiled for choice. Small records are ideal for making coasters. Lots of people like to take old records, melt them slightly, and turn them into plates and serving dishes – after plugging the hole in the middle, of course. Placemats made out of vinyl are another option. Whatever you choose, it’s practically a guarantee that the recipient will be over the moon.

An Organizational Gift

Let’s end with another practical gift. Your friend probably has a shelf or an entertainment center to hold all those records, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t gift him or her with some more storage space. A funky milk crate container is an eclectic choice. A carefully sanded and painted apple crate is a more bespoke option that speaks to a farmhouse chic aesthetic. Large or small, decorative or protective, go with your gut when you pick.

We won’t say that vinyl collectors are easy to please, but if you choose a gift based on their passion, then you can’t go wrong. What do you plan to get the vinyl lover in your life?

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