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Monday, April 5, 2021

Cher Makes an Apology for Tweet Related to George Floyd

In recent news, Cher has issued a public apology after she received backlash for a tweet she made. According to the singer, she believes that she could have saved George Floyd from becoming a victim of police brutality. 

Like numerous Americans, Cher has also been keeping a close eye on the media coverage of the ongoing trial of the police officer involved in the death of George Floyd. 

Derek Chauvin was suspected to have been involved in the killing of Floyd, and thus is being accountable for his controversial actions committed last May. Soon after the death of the African American man, Black Lives Matter protests swept the country, and consequently, the world. 

However, the singer took it a little too far when she took to the microblogging site, Twitter, to claim that she could have saved Floyd from dying if she had been there. 

Cher recalled that she had been walking with her mother when she turned to her daughter and said how she had cried after watching the trial of Derek Chauvin. In response to her mother confiding in her, the pop star told her that perhaps she could have saved the life of the African American, if she had been present at the scene of the crime, prior to his death. 

Fans were quick to criticize the statement of the music icon, accusing her of minimizing the efforts that the witnesses present at the time had made to settle the situation. However, they had been unable to assist Floyd. 

People also went on to accuse Cher of demonstrating the white savior complex. 

Furious about the hate and negativity she was receiving, Cher once again popped up on social media to give explanations. She revealed that she had had a tough time typing out this particular tweet explaining herself. The singer went on to add that some people do not think she, as an entertainer, has feelings or could harbor honest emotions about the death of Floyd.

According to her, she does not care what people think of her because they do not know what she has done. Concluding her tweet, Cher added that no one knows who she is and what she believes. 

The music icon returned soon after, admitting that a friend of hers had made her realize that her statement had been ill-conceived. She apologized to all the people she had hurt, clarifying that her intention was not to cause any harm to anyone’s sentiments. 

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