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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Delta Goodrem Delays Australian Tour Amidst Coronavirus Safety Concerns

Delta Goodrem has announced that she will not be taking any chances with the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, she has also postponed her Australian tour, which dates back to the end of 2021. 

The Lost Without You star was supposed to be on stage in a couple of weeks, however, she delayed her shows until the month of September. Despite the fact that the country is open for business, the singer does not believe that it is safe to be a part of a large gathering just yet, given the coronavirus pandemic. 

The hitmaker took to Instagram to express how sorry she was that she was not going to be meeting her fans. She stated that it means a lot to her to be in the same room as those who love her and her music.

However, she pointed out that ever since the tour was announced, the health and safety of her fans has been her priority. In addition, she is concerned about the well-being of her crew and venue staff as well. Thus, she asserted that all the relevant parties are determined and committed to ensure that an indoor concert experience is the absolute best and safest it can be. 

Goodrem claimed that a tremendous amount of thought had gone into making this decision. She maintained that the situation of the pandemic is slowly improving but, in order to be cautious and safe, rather than sorry, it is best to move the tour to the months of September and October. According to her, this decision will prove to be worthwhile in terms of experience for the fans attending the show, as well as the working staff and crew. 

The hitmaker added that she, along with her team, is greatly encouraged by the progress in the national touring outlook. She wished that she too could be touring in April but, believes that waiting for a couple of more months will be in everyone’s best interests. 

The singer separately appreciated the support that people have shown for the shows and suggested that her fans hang on to their tickets for a while longer. 

As per the new dates of the tour, the kick-off will begin on the 24th of September, at the Newcastle Entertainment Center. This has been scheduled specifically before shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and Perth, along with many others. 

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