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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Sarah Harding Updates Fans on her Battle with Cancer

Sarah Harding just recently took to social media to show that she is grateful to all her fans for showing her their endless support as she battled breast cancer. 

Back in the month of September, the Girls Aloud star revealed that she had been diagnosed with the disease. Soon after, she dialed back on her life on social media.

On Monday, however, she returned to give updates to her friends and fans about her condition. 

She acknowledged that she has not been active on social media and promised to try harder to be present for the sake of her friends and fans. According to her, the well-wishes of those who love her, mean the world to her and are helping her get through this trying time. 

Harding thanked her fans for showing her their support and love when she needed it the most, especially on bad days. 

The star went on to update that she spent a quiet but, lovely Christmas with her mother and dogs. She explained that it was different than her usual Christmas routine, however, it was fitting given the strange year the world has been having. Harding also talked about the many hospital visits and treatments she had to go through but, managed to finish her book, nonetheless. 

The TV personality expressed her happiness at her book being released. In her words, she is having the time of her life while rewriting history. She was also quite excited to be honest and wear her heart on her sleeve, as people get to know the real her. 

The singer went on to confirm the title that she had chosen for her autobiography; Hear Me Out. She explained that it is also the title of a song that she wrote on the second album of Girls Aloud. She revealed that this name is one of her personal favorites. 

Harding noted that the lyrics have always meant a lot to her and she had fun revisiting old songs. She talked about how the entire thing felt like a walk down memory lane, as she looked over photos and penned down the last 39 years of her life. 

The singer ended by talking about her book by saying that she hopes her friends, fans, and loved ones enjoy reading about the journey of her life. 

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