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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Justin Bieber’s Lawyers In Search of Twitter Sexual Assault Claimers

A while ago, Justin Bieber was accused of sexual assault on Twitter. The allegations were made by two social media users whose identity is still unknown. However, the singer has emerged victorious from the first round of the defamation suit he filed against the two. 

Once accused on social media, Justin declared that the allegations being made were not only false but, “factually impossible”. Upset and outraged at being accused of such heinous crimes, he also made a statement on Twitter. He stated that the two users are attention seekers hungry for fame. The hitmaker also stated that he has “indisputable documentary evidence” that renders him innocent. He went on to say that this particular evidence will definitely prove that the claims being made against him are nothing but “outrageous, fabricated lies”. Moreover, he was quite eager to share the evidence with the world to prove that he is innocent. 

After winning the first round, Justin’s lawyers have supplied Twitter executives with a subpoena. They say that the singer is quite adamant about finding the identity of the women who falsely accused him of crimes he did not commit. Thus, they will require the help of the officers in figuring out the people behind the accounts. 

Going by the name Danielle on Twitter, one of the accusers claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Justin. She revealed that he had tried to force himself on her in a room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, Texas. This incident allegedly occurred in March of 2014. 

On the other hand, a Twitter user named Kadi said she was sexually assaulted by the pop star in New York City. She had been staying at the Langham Hotel in May of 2015 when the unfortunate incident supposedly occurred. 

However, Justin is of the opinion that the same person is running these Twitter accounts and that Danielle and Kadi might not even exist. He is outraged at the apparent outrageous accusations against him. Therefore, he has filed a defamation case against the two for which the payout is over $20 million in damages. 

Evan Spiegel, of Justin’s lawyers, has spoken up about the ongoing case. He stated that all they want to do is uncover the identity of the people behind these accusations. Revealing that they believe it is the same person, he expressed that they are unable to serve the accuser. But, they are hopeful that with the help of Twitter executives, they will soon be able to find out who the culprit is. Spiegel also made his intentions clear in front of Judge Terry Green who presides over the Supreme Court in Los Angeles.

People in the courtroom at the time of the ruling reported that Green pronounced Justin’s last name incorrectly. He also asked Spiegel if he should be familiar with the singer and his work. 

Spiegel explained to the judge that Justin is famous and well-known to multiple demographics. Green simply remarked that perhaps the pop star was only famous amongst those demographics which do not include people aged 73 and above. 

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