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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Yamaha DTX522k Electronic Drum Set

The Yamaha DTX522K is another quality electronic drum kit from the renowned and reputable Yamaha Company. It is no secret that this particular company has a reputation for manufacturing products of exceptional quality and appeal. They are designed to help you raise your confidence level if you choose to purchase any of the musical instruments they produce. 

The drum set in question has gained popularity in this drum niche. Amateur and professional musicians all believe in Yamaha and its products. It is their belief that the company’s experience in producing electronic drums is vast. Well, they are not wrong at all. 

The discussion below will help you realize that the Yamaha DTX522K is the drum set for you if you want to kick your performance up a notch. 

Does Yamaha DTX522K suit your music needs?

The good news about the Yamaha DTX522K is that it can be used by musicians with various skills. It can favor you whether you are a beginner or an established drummer. As a beginner, you will improve your skill level with the help of its already existing features. 

Another attractive feature of this musical instrument is its upgradability. You can change the pads and even swap the cymbals. The choice is entirely yours.

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The DTX522K is an improvement of all of its earlier models. Its flexibility allows you to change positions while playing. Its percussion voices and drum that will ensure that you are able to produce your top sounds. 

This instrument is also said to provide players with enhanced mobility. All you have to do is mount the ball joint’s snare. Being made of textured cellulose, the snare will save you from crossover noise. You can even use a DTX-PAD snare and feel a superior stick. The open and closed rimshot voices will add to the authenticity of the snare expression. 

With cymbal stands, the Yamaha DTX522K electronic drum set can support bigger and stronger pads. It is spacious so that it can accommodate additional tom wherever you are playing. The surface of the 3-zone cymbal stands is made of textured cellular silicone for enhanced sensing functions. 

Where other models have cymbal muting and other features, the drum set in question has a rim. This can be assigned to an auxiliary sample percussion sound. You can even now perform the cross-stick if you want to produce another sound. The 3-zone cymbals will help you make your tone flawless!


The top musicians would agree that the company has ensured Yamaha DTX522K’s exceptional sound performance. When you play, you will be able to hear it clearly and flawlessly. You will notice that the tone is right on point. The instrument will set the sound in a way that you will feel other instruments playing around you as well. 

Time and time again, the sound quality of the DTX522K has been praised. It is possibly the instrument’s most appealing and attractive feature. This electronic drum set is the real deal and you will not even feel the difference. It emulates the sound with such expertise! You will not be able to distinguish between the original sound and one produced on the e-drum kit.

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Final verdict

Any musical instrument produced by Yamaha has not been a disappointment. The DTX522K is no exception. It is easy to use where its pads and drum modules are concerned. You will also not be deprived of the feeling of a traditional drum. The best part is that you will not have to pull out your hair in an attempt to put the kit together. Yamaha values convenience and that is reflected in this product of theirs. Rest assured, the Yamaha DTX522K electronic drum set is a worthwhile investment.


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