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Monday, June 22, 2020

Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute Review

Whether you are a professional flutist or just a beginner, the Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute will serve you well. It is a high-quality flute developed by the company owned by a fourth-generation flute maker. In addition to this musical instrument, Kurt Gemeinhardt is responsible for developing various techniques that are commonly used by craftsmen involved with the company. He has also constructed new techniques and blended them in with the technology of today. Thus, Gemeinhardt manufactures top-of-the-line, quality musical instruments. 


The 3OB Flute has numerous brilliant and attractive features. Its design stands out, especially when compared with other flutes. Gemeinhardt uses materials of the highest quality to ensure the sound is produced unhindered. Relative to others, the 3OB has a B foot joint that makes it longer. However, the presence of the foot joint ensures that the player can reach high B register notes on this flute rather than on any other. The open-hole design, or the French style is what sets apart this particular musical instrument from the rest. The Y arm style keys have been silver plated along with the foot joint, head joint, and the body.

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Flute enthusiasts know the importance of G configuration. Therefore, they know how this feature sets apart the tones of the Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute. All sounds produced on this instrument have a unique and melodious embouchure to them. You will not find it in a flute manufactured by another company. Any professional can tell you that the pads on keycaps and the distinct hole-design help produce the best sound quality. 


The B foot joint of the flute has been fitted with a Gizmo key. It is a special kind of key which when closed, will cover the lower B tone hole. At the same time, the lower C tone hole will be left open. The purpose of this is to help you reach the fourth octave of C. Some people believe that the Gizmo key was developed because complaints of the B foot joint being too long flooded in. Musicians also complained that it prevented them from hitting higher notes. With 3OB Flute though, you have nothing to worry about. Pick up a flute and play the tune of your choice. 


For the ease of cleaning, Gemeinhardt wanted to make a great package for flute players. Therefore, they added a cleaning rod that is a perfect fit for the case. The case itself has been made out of a hard shell and that padding to protect the flute and all three of its segments. You can keep your 3OB flute in the case after every session and it will stay perfectly safe. It may comfort you to know that once you put the flute in the case, it will slip into the durable nylon bag. Thus, your instrument will snuggle in just right. Moreover, the nylon zipper is sturdy and large. It is also easy to open and close so you will not have to struggle with it. A nylon webbing shoulder strap is also provided by the company for your convenience.

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Exquisitely crafted, the Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute sounds fantastic and melodious. The silver plating of the body, head joint, foot joint, and keys makes it pleasing to the eyes as well. The shiny look is definitely going to make you the focal point of a performance. In its price range, this is the only product that has materials of the highest quality. It boasts both sturdiness and strength. 

If you are a professional musician or a regular flute enthusiast, the Gemeinhardt 3OB is definitely going to steal your heart. It will also help you take your music to the next level. So, are you ready? 

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