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Friday, June 19, 2020

Roland RD-2000 Review

If you have ever had a discussion that involves digital pianos, then it is impossible that the name Roland has not popped up. Since the early 1970s, Roland has been a leader where manufacturing quality musical instruments are concerned. They have made an impact on the music industry with their timeless drum machines, coveted guitar amplifiers, amazing synthesizers, and sound effects. Various celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre, and Taylor Swift have used Roland’s pianos for an iconic snare and kick. 

Professional musicians are destined to play with stage pianos. They need an instrument that provides them with all the essentials for a live performance. It should also enable musicians to use it in a studio when producing music. Roland RD-2000 is the perfect instrument for qualified professionals. Below you will find out all that Roland RD-2000 has to offer.


To a layman, the design of the RD-2000 will look like that of a plane’s cockpit. To professionals, it has just the right appeal. If you have little or no experience with pianos, the functions of this instrument might be too complicated for you to figure out. However, professional musicians will find that it has a very intuitive interface. Since it has been designed to facilitate live performances, it has sliders and buttons in all the right places. The control panel has everything that a live performer might needs. All of the nine sliders and eight buttons will help you control the effects, sounds, and other parameters instantly. 

Sometimes when you are performing in a bar, the lights might be too dim for you to adjust the buttons on your piano. But, the RD-2000 is LED lit. This means that you will have visual feedback and can adjust controls irrespective of the lighting. You will no longer have to compromise on the quality of your performance because of technical difficulties.

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Where normal digital pianos offer you only two sound engines, the Roland RD-2000 has three distinct classes of sounds. The first set of sounds are ten acoustic piano sounds that have been created using the V-Piano, Roland’s physical modeling engine. You can find them under the name ‘MD’ on the control panel. The second set of sounds contains organs, electric pianos, clavs, and a couple of acoustic piano voices. Roland has used its SuperNATURAL sound engine to create these and therefore, they are available under the tag ‘SN’ on the control panel. 

Guitars, strings, basses, drum kits, and brass sounds are available in the third and final category. It has more sounds than you could find in stage and other digital pianos. 


The Roland RD-2000 features a hammer action keyboard which makes you feel like you are playing a normal acoustic piano. This very technology has been developed by Roland to allow its customers to reach perfection. Additionally, it emulates the escapement feature. Thus, you can now easily perform music pieces that require quick repetitions. You do not have to wait for the keys to bounce back before you can repeat that note. 

The materials used for the keyboard are wood and plastic. The top is made out of artificial ivory to allow you a necessary grip whenever you need it. 


What can be considered to be the most impressive feature of the RD-2000 is the V-Piano sound engine. It is only present on expensive and advanced instruments manufactured by Roland. Being able to buy the piano in its current price range is a good deal. The sound library and its quality will not disappoint you. You can play numerous sounds from organs to strings and leave your audience in awe.


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