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Friday, June 19, 2020

Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit Review - Eight Piece All Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

All the music lovers and players know about Alesis when it comes to making affordable musical instruments. Alesis is an American based company that specializes in the productivity of a huge range of electrical instruments. Alesis Drum Nitro Mash kit is a perfect product for beginners on a budgeted price with including all the important features.


Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit comes with a five-piece drum set and three cymbal pads. The main selling point of this product is the inclusion of the mesh drum head on four drum pads. These mash heads are tunable and allow you to adjust the tension of the head in order to modify the drum feel. All pad sizes are the same 8 inches with snare being dual zoned. Dual-zone is used for active triggering which helps to respond playing on both rim and the drum head.

All the cymbal pads sizes are the same 10 inches and fitted with a playable rubber type surface. It is chokable, which means you can make it short crash strikes by the gripping provided on the outer edge of the pad. This is very useful when the song is ending and for the staccato musical segment.

The hi-hat pad can connect with a free-floating control pedal. The pedals can be fit anywhere, it is not typical to set hi-hat & clutch setup. Bass drum comes with a tower that is companionable with a bass drum pedal.

Alesis Nitro Mesh kit is built on a sturdy drum rack. It consists of 7 aluminum posts and is very lightweight which makes it portable. The 3 tom pads and snare can be fit to the rack and can easily adjust height and angle.


Alesis have sorted the music collection into forty different drum kits. Kits can be chosen by using the control on the front of the nitro module. You can match and mix by exchanging the sound from existing kits to others.

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This kit unit is set with a host of multiple drum and bass beat samples. There are three hundred & sixty-five sounds installed in the Nitro module. These samples of sounds range from acoustic drum set, world percussion, cymbals to digital kits, and FX sounds.


Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit comes with some additional features. You can record your takes of playing for future references. This is the easiest way to save your beats and filled ideas that you received while playing. There is a tempo button that allows you to control the metronome and adjust the speed of backing tracks as per your need. If you want more than sixty backing tracks and would like to play with external audio, you can easily do it by using handy AUX input which is built-in into the kit.

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit has a backlit LCD screen which makes it easy to navigate by menus & sound banks. If you are crazy about home recording you will definitely want to avail the Alesis USB MIDI connectivity. By using the USB MIDI you can connect the kit with any PC or Mac for use to control the kit.      


Alesis Drum Nitro Mesh kit belongs to the budget class drum kits. It comes with very decent quality with some much-updated mesh head surfaces than its previous model. It is basically built for beginners who just want to get a start and do practice and learn. It is another great step by Alesis to make quality drums for beginners and learners with budget price.


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