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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Jean Paul USA Trumpet - Standard, Brass TR-430 Review

Jean Paul’s TR 430 trumpet is made by a US-based company and it is sold and marketed as an “intermediate” trumpet.  It comes with a year labor and part warranty which indicates if anything wrong with the trumpet within 1 year then they will replace it if it can’t be fixed, and they provide great customer services too.

TR 430 comes with a perfectly aligned valve which is really a good thing because it is very common to spot trumpets that do not have the entire valve in a single line. It also includes the accessories with a robust carrying case such as gloves, valve oil, and cleaning cloth. The beautiful robust carrying case with padding allows you to carry trumpet very easily without any damage to anywhere.

Jean Paul’s T 430 trumpet also comes with a 7C mouthpiece. It is considered a mouthpiece for beginners but all the users may not be very comfortable with it. Some players found 7C small to fit for their lips. You will find the small manual with the packed instrument with a fingering chart which may be useful for beginners and it contains much useful information about product maintenance. It is very important to give oil to the valves of the trumpet to avoid them becoming sluggish.


  • TR 430 trumpet is made of brass material with an adjustable trigger.
  • The lead pipe is made up of Rose brass.
  • TR 430 is a Bb key trumpet.
  • Durable piston valves.
  • It comes with a good looking, solid, and protective case.

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Build Quality

How good the tuning slides work, this is the main and first thing to check when we talk about cheaper trumpets, but TR 430 has no problem here. In fact, all the slides fit perfectly with solidity. The soldering is completed with precision, and if you look up the lead pipe, you will not see any nasty leftovers from the manufacturer, like many other companies have.

If you pull out the slides and press down the valves to check the alignment of valves, you will be surprised to see how well the holes in the valves are lining up with tubing, they are almost perfect.

Balance / Hold

Jean Paul’s T 430 is well balanced and feels good in the hand. It is a little bit heavy over 1 kilo (107 kg) but the best provided handy grip will allow you to play it comfortably.


Jean Paul’s T 430 has a very pleasant sound. Sound spectrum from bright to dark the TR 430 is much more on the brighter side and fits well in any musical setting. Intermediate and beginner trumpets usually lack a distinct core to the sound, but T430 trumpet definitely has got that core. The high register of TR 430 is very easy to use. It could be used as a lead horn and as well as a classical trumpet. When you step on the gas and play high and loud, the sound will be bright. Jean Paul’s T 430 sound department has received a good response from players.


Jean Paul’s TR 430 comes with a very beautiful and protective case. It is not soft and you will not damage your trumpet even if you drop it from a bicycle. Inside of the case are two belts that you can strap around the trumpet and can wear comfortably on the back while you walk or use your bicycle. There is a pocket on one side of the case where you can keep your music sheet. 

Check the Price
  • T 430 allows the player to play higher notes and also suitable for those players who love to play well centered and high notes.
  • It comes with an adjustable 3rd trigger which provides a good hand grip to the player and helps in precision and technique.

  • T 430 is made appropriate for beginner players and that is why the company used extra material which makes it a little heavier.
  • The price is a little higher for intermediate level tempters, they may find it costly.

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