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Monday, June 1, 2020

Adam Lambert speaks out against criticism for his Black Lives Matter support

Adam Lambert, the singer for Queen has urged his critics to stop following his account on Instagram. The reason for this discontent being that they made offensive comments and targeted the star for showing support for the Black Lives Matter protests taking place in the U.S.

After George Floyd, an African-American was killed by a bunch of white cops from Minneapolis, protests unfolded in the country. Violent exchanges also became a regular occurrence between activists and police officers. As a result, various celebrities spoke in favor of the Black Lives Matter protest amongst which was Adam Lambert as well. 

On Saturday, he took to social media to write a firm message to the people. It urged people to realize that they could not dictate how black folks could feel, mourn, or protest. They too, were entitled to their freedom as much as white people were. 

However, the feedback was not positive to his remarks. Instead, people hammered the celebrity for making such comments. He came back to Instagram to add two hashtags namely, #policebrutality and #blacklivesmatter. He also added that he had gone over the comments and was appalled by a bunch of people. The popstar called their comments right-wing, tone dead, and ignorant that lead to negative and insulting arguments. 

He further added that he did not mind people having their own opinions but, they were being offensive. Therefore, he declared that people with hateful comments and negative remarks were no longer welcome on his feed.

Lambert further clarified that he was not in support of destruction and violence. But, he fully favored allowing people to be enraged and refusing to bow down. He declared that he would not support the opposition when it came down to matters of human rights. 

The singer called out people who responded to Black Lives Matter with All Lives Matter. He urged them to realize how problematic that response was. By this point, he was clearly angry and told critics to not look at his posts rather, educate themselves.

Later, Lambert became even more enraged and returned to tell people to unfollow him if they could not accept the fact that he supports Black Lives Matter protests. 

In addition to telling his critics to back off, the star also used the very same platform to attack the president of the U.S., Donald Trump. He referred to the leader as a ‘complete joke’. Lambert also added that he did not care what political party Trump belongs to but, he is no leader. He used names such as liar, liability, and a cancer on the flag of the country for the president. 

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