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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Jason Isbell Releases New Album “Reunions”

Jason Isbell recently released his seventh solo album “Reunions” on 15th May, 2020. This release came after 3 years of the last album “The Nashville Sound” which was released on June 16 2017.

All the tracks of this album are very good but my favorite song is “Only Children”. The lyrics of the songs remind me of my own childhood. This song actually depicts Isbell's childhood and the loss of his long lost friend’s memories. 

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In an interview, he revealed how he wrote this song and this is the first song that he wrote for the album Reunions, at the time he was in Greece with wife Amanda Shires, and some close friends for vacations. Both of his friends are writers, they were sitting around one night at a villa and singing, playing and sharing the memories and the work they did for each other and that’s how the song “only children” came out.

What’ve I done to help, Dreamsicle, Overseas, and Running with our eyes closed are also trending on the internet. The release of the album Reunions is good news for the fans that are struggling in this pandemic COVID19.

Jason Isbell, a 41 years old American singer who was born on February 1st, 1979 at Green Hill, Alabama, is a guitarist and a songwriter, has been working with the band “The 400 Unit”.

Working as a songwriter at the age of 21, in 2001 he joined the rock band “Drive-By Trucker” he recorded many songs with Driven-by-Trucker for their upcoming album in 2003.

At the time being a band member for Driver-by Trucker, Isbell got married to Shona Tucker and they two were later divorced.

In April 2007 he left the band Driver-by Trucker and released his first solo album “Sirens of the Ditch” in July 2007. On June 2013 he released his fourth album “Southeastern” with his wife Amanda Shires. Southeastern received a positive response and led to a clean sweep of Americana Music Award in 2014 also won Album of the year award and Isbell won artist of the year award.

It was just the start of his career, later on, he released many hit solo albums. “Something More than Free” was released in July 2015 and broke all the records of his previously released albums. The album won two Grammy awards for  Best Americana Album and Best American Root Song.

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