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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Denon DJ, PRIME 4 DJ Console Review

As a DJ, you want to command every audience you come across, every gig you play at, every event and location that you perform at. You simply want to show what your real talent and this is only possible if you own or perform on the best DJ hardware and equipment at your disposal. 

With a metal chassis 4-deck hardware control, this legendary and pristine Denon DJ console offers quality audio with features including advanced touchscreen-enabled workflow, Wi-Fi streaming capabilities. Just get this machine, and you are all set to handle any event anytime, anywhere. 

Prime 4 DJ console from Denon DJ is powered by the latest ENGINE OS. It takes care of all the lightning-fast operations that you need during your DJ performance. Just use PRIME 4, import all your music, analyze it, and it will even enable you to import your full rekordbox collection from any media source directly. It comes with internal analyzing functionality, including hot cures, playlists and loops. 

It comes with ENGINE PRIME software, which is music librarian software compatible with both PCs and Mac OS. This music library comes with pre-set tools that allow you to sync your music collections, including Serato DJ, rekordbox, iTunes and Traktor. 

You can even do a standalone music streaming wherever you are. All you need is your smartphone with mobile data, or you can use the venue’s Wi-Fi or cable internet connection to stream your music from TIDAL, which has a catalog of over 60 million songs. All you need is PRIME 4 without a laptop. 

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This ultimate Denon DJ console has the following features that are helpful for a DJ of any genre or expertise. These include 

You can now ditch the DJ controller as you discover the power of PRIME. 

It has a full-featured four-deck smart ultra-portable DJ console with a 10 inch HD touchscreen.

This touch screen comes with gesture control capabilities powered by ENGINE OS by Denon DJ. 

It has a dedicated XLR zone output, which provides music to separate rooms. There are two dedicated XLR inputs available for your microphone with controls for each room.

It offers crisp 24-bit legacy audio by Denon DJ.

It offers you wireless streaming service, which allows you to stream every sound from the certified classics to the freshest underground tracks from Denon DJ’s streaming partners such as TIDAL. 

It has  DJ set essentials such as an HD display with six-inch job wheels, class-leading key matching and time stretch, analyzing your music files, rekordbox collections that you stream directly from an SD card or USB. Plus, you get eight performance pads for each deck. 

Other features include dual-function sweep filter and FX, integrated digital DJ-mixer, and staging connections ideal for events and pro DJ video control and lighting. 

You can buy this product from an online marketplace such as Amazon, and it may cost you anything up to $2000, excluding shipment costs, so check with the seller how much they will charge you for delivery. Additionally, we would recommend that you do your research and check reviews of the online sellers to ensure that you are buying from a legit product supplier. You must also ask for a warranty as well.


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