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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Decksaver DJ Controller Cover Review

The Decksaver DJ controller cover model number DS-PC-DJMS9 is made for Pioneer DJM-S9. It is a clear polycarbonate material protective cover that is designed specifically for this model. Deck saver has aims to manufacture protective covers for sound equipment that are customized to meet exact standards to fit each model like a glove. 

Decksaver focuses on quality casing rather than using any cheap or inferior quality acrylic sheets. Therefore this cover is also made from polycarbonate, which makes it sturdy and looking as if it is originally a part of the Pioneer DJM-S9. 

This cover is made from a very hardwearing plastic, which is used in bulletproof glass. Plus, it is designed to fit your sound gear as closely as it could get. Decksaver’s use of polycarbonate allows them to make these cover lighter by using thinner material. This allows a more discrete, strong, but attractive protective casing for this equipment. 

Decksaver has taken great care in trimming each of these covers to achieve a perfect fit, and you can still leave cables hooked in place while you use the equipment.

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Some of the best features of this cover are: 

Custom designed to fit Pioneer DJ mixer DJM-S9 perfectly

Attractive, strong and protective casing

It is made of polycarbonate, the plastic used in bulletproof glass. 

You can keep the covers on while cables are connected. 

Advantages of these covers are:

This cover protects your equipment from liquid, smoke, dust and other harmful external elements often found in sound studios and at the venues. 

They are precision molded to achieve an exact fit while accommodating all the connections the device has to offer. 

The cover shields internal components, delicate controls from damage on the road, at home, on the stage or at the recording booth. 

It slides straight in a soft case or a flight offering maximum protection to your DJ controller during transportation. 

However, there are some shortcomings to this product like any other. You have to remember that it is made of plastic, so you still have to take care that it does not fall hard on the floor. Plus, the plastic is prone to wear and tear and may show signs of scratches over a period of time, making it look old. 

We would still recommend that you buy this cover, as they are the best available option in the market. However, whenever you buy such products, make sure that you buy from a reliable seller or outlet, so you know that you are getting a genuine product and not a counterfeit cover. 

These covers are readily available on Amazon, so that will be your best go-to marketplace if you want to buy a product there with peace of mind, and it may cost you up to $80. 

The final verdict comes with our recommendation that if you are looking for covers for your DJM-S9 that is affordable and provides complete protection while looking classy, then this is the product you must buy.


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