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Monday, May 25, 2020

Shure Open Back Headphones - Let High Quality Music Be Heard

People take music personally, and that’s not too far from being a fact. Talk to people about their music choice, and they will love to speak for hours. Do you know how many people love music? Well, just the absence of headphones jacks from modern smartphones has divided the world smartphone buying population into two groups. One has adjusted fast while the other group just does not want to use wireless headphones because they lack quality apparently. If you love music, and more importantly, high-quality music, you are sure to love the open back headphones from Shure. 

Open Back SRH1840 Headphones from Shure

This particular pair of headphones is meant for audiophiles, or at least the people who do not like to compromise on the quality of music they hear. It is, as clear from the name, open-back design with earpieces completely covering your ears when you wear them. As per the company, they are meant for professionals, so you can attach them with a variety of devices. Using them with your smartphones only will not do justice to their price and quality. The use of steel and aluminum means the company is serious about the durability of its product. 

Best Features of the SRH 1840 Headphones

The first thing you are going to love about them is the design. They are designed not only for great listening but also for great comfort while listening. The padded design with recovery foam ensures you feel no pressure on your ears even after hours of use. The use of steel for the mesh and aluminum for the rest of the body makes the headphones look and feel premium. The headphones have neodymium drivers that are large at 40mm to ensure you hear the bass, treble, and all other components of the sound clearly. 

The cable has been designed carefully with two side attachment options. You can detach the cable completely from the headphones to store it nicely in your pocket or bag. The earpads are replaceable, so when you think they have become sweaty after months of use, you can change them and make your headphones like new again. The open-back design of the headphones ensures that there is naturalness and depth to the sound when you hear music.

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Steel grill and aluminum body for maximum sturdiness.

Steel frames on drivers for undistorted sound despite high sound levels.

Padded earpieces for comfortable listening for several uninterrupted hours.

Open back design adds depth to the sound. 

Earpieces can swivel so the headphones are comfortable on any head shape.

Padded headband for added comfort.

Detachable cable for convenience of storage. 


The foam on the earpieces does not seem very durable and long-lasting.

Earpieces can’t swivel horizontally, which makes them unusable for DJs.

The design looks quite basic.

Buying Advice

When buying these headphones, you have to make sure that they meet your needs. First of all, they are meant for professionals. If you are looking for some good music listening on your smartphone without too many intricate details of the sound, you can go with other options. Secondly, if you like in-ear headphones for their small size, these headphones are not for you. DJs might have a problem using them because the earpieces to not swivel on the x-axis. If you like hearing high-quality music for hours, you will love these. 

Buying Guide – How to Buy the Best Headphones

Focus on Comfort Features

One of the factors that new headphones buyers often overlook is the comfort feature. They are lost so much in the sound that they can’t find the forest for the tree. You can’t hear music for as long as you want if your headphones start hurting your head and ears within an hour. So, look for headphones that have proper padding not only on the earpieces but the headband as well. 

Look for Adjustment Options

There is a difference between adjustment features and comfort. Padded earpieces and headbands are not enough if your headphones don’t fit your head size and shape comfortably in the first place. So, the first thing you want to look at is the adjustment features in the earpieces. If the earpieces swivel vertically and horizontally, you have got the perfect pair. At least, you should be looking for swivel in one direction. You should also be able to adjust the size of the headband. 

The Driver Size

The bigger the size of the driver, the better the sound quality that will fall in your ears. You have to look for large drivers. If you are getting something close to 40mm, you can be sure that you are going for the right headphones. In addition to that, you might also want to see the drive material. Your drivers should be made of sturdy materials, ensuring the linearity and consistency in the production of sound. For example, the ones on these Shure headphones are made of aluminum, which is a great choice. 

The Cable Attachment

The biggest gripe that wire headphone users usually have is the cable attachment. They are listening to their favorite music when an accidental tug throws their headphone flying in the air. Of course, this results in big damages and the headphones becomes useless after some time. Look for double cable attachment i.e. cables that attach and detach to the headphones on both sides. Even if you tug the cable accidentally, it will just come out of the headphones. This type of cable attachment makes storing headphones easy too. 

Final Thoughts

These headphones from Shure are definitely a great purchase. You can say that based on the comments that customers have left after using these headphones. They do a great job in that their price. While they are made for professionals so you can expect them to sound great, the added comfort features make them light on your head and ears when you hear music for several hours. If you are looking to give a gift to an aspiring audiophile, these headphones are definitely a great choice.


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