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Monday, May 25, 2020

KaraoKing Karaoke Machine – Find the Singer That’s Been Hiding in You

Everyone loves singing, but more importantly, everyone wants to be a singer. Even if you don’t mention it, you have to agree that you perform to large audiences and get the admiration for your amazing vocals in your imaginations. Perhaps, you are performing in front of America’s Got Talent or Britain’s Got Talent crowed every day in your dreams. Well, the time has come to feel that imagination turn into reality. All you need to do that is to have the right karaoke machine. Take a look at this karaoke machine from KaraoKing.

Karaoke Machine from KaraoKing

This machine is perfect not only for kids but also for adults. It has been designed perfectly to give some quality fun time to adults and babies. It is a portable machine that comes with a variety of options to turn every bathroom singer into a world-known singer. It has equalizer options for mixing your voice with the background music perfectly. It offers you some powerful speakers to let the world hear your voice. You can connect multiple microphones to perform duets with your best singing partner. And of course, it has the reverb/echo options so you can sound mesmerizingly beautiful. 

The Best Features of the Machine

The first thing you will love about this machine is that it is loud. So, if you are having a blast in your home, you can really make everyone hear you. In addition to that, there is a big disco light on top of the machine that has LCD lights to make the environment perfect to be in the groove. The machine is made with sturdy materials i.e. ABS and Aluminum, so you can carry it around with you without worrying about it getting dented and broken. The options on the machine are perfect for adults and kids to feel like their favorite singers. 

They can mix their voices into the song through a professional-like equalizer. The echo effect is there to make everyone sound great. It works with a USB drive, an AUX cable to sing directly in the machine, an SD card, and even Bluetooth. Most importantly, you can play FM radio when you are not performing to avoid silent breaks that break the tempo while you are performing. In short, it is a complete machine with all the features that kids and adults will love alike.

Buy it


Comes with a disco light to create the ambiance.

Has an equalizer to adjust the music and sound of the singer.

Can be taken anywhere because of wheel attachments.

Works through Bluetooth microphones, AUX cables, USB, portable storage cards, etc. 

Built-in carrying handles to move the machine easily from one place to another. 

ABS and aluminum construction for sturdiness.

Phone and tablet holder included with the package.


Could do with some more sound effects

The design is not so friendly for kids.

Buying Advice

You have to consider your requirements when buying a Karaoke machine. Are you paying for portability when you don’t plan to take anywhere? Make sure that the machine is compatible with any other microphones if you already have one at home. If you are getting one only for a little kid, you might not need all the upgrades that come with this machine. However, you can’t forget the fact that a little kid is going to grow pretty fast. So maybe you do need one with some non-basic upgrades. 

Buying Guide – Buying the Perfect Karaoke Machine

Size of the Machine

The first thing you have to consider in the karaoke machine is the size of it. If you are getting it for your kids, you want them to be able to take it out of the storage with ease. You don’t necessarily have to be around every time your kids want to use it. At the same time, storing the machine will be a big hassle when it is huge. 


Portability is not important for kids to take the machine wherever they want but also for parents to be able to store the machine with ease when their kids are done singing. You can’t keep carrying a 30-pound heavy machine all the time. It could create real problems if you already have issues with your back. So, look for an option that comes with wheels so you can simply push or pull the machine to its place of storage. 


You can never overlook this particular feature. Your machine should provide you with lots of connectivity options so when you don’t have one, you can go with the other one. Modern machines allow you to connect Bluetooth microphones with them. However, you should consider one that allows AUX input as well as USB connections. Also, your kids should be able to connect their phones and tablets with the machine so they can play and perform to their favorite songs. 

Bells and Whistles

There are not many products in which you appreciate the presence of some bells in whistles. However, a karaoke machine is one on which you definitely want a few. A disco light is a perfect addition to the machine not only because it looks good but also because it brings the audience in the mood to hear some songs when you are having a party at home. 

Final Verdict

If you take into consideration all the points mentioned in the buying guide, you will realize that the karaoke machine from KaraoKing meets all of those requirements. There is no doubt that it is one of the best karaoke machines on the market right, and you can tell that from the feedback it has received from its customers. It offers great connectivity options, amazing portability, and some upgrades that kids and adults admire. The echo option can make anyone a singer within a minute whereas the equalizer is there to make sure you sound great while performing to your favorite artist’s song. With all things considered, the honest verdict is that KaraoKing’s machine is definitely a great buy for parents with kids.


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