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Friday, December 21, 2018

Top 5 Best Ways to Promote YouTube Video to Gain More Exposure and Traffic

The main purpose of YouTube videos is to deliver a message or bring a brand or a company into the spotlight. Each month this video sharing platform named YouTube attracts hundreds and millions of viewers who depend on YouTube to get information about various things like newly launched products of a brand or company and other topics. Advertising your brand or company through YouTube is the surest way to jumpstart your online business. If you are trying to drive more traffic as well as increase the profit margin, then here you can get the best way to promote YouTube video, which are as follows:

Embed Your Videos

One of the best ways to grab more attention for your video is writing an informative blog post and embedding the video in it. You should make sure that that the content of the blog is related with the video. There are numerous ways of embedding a video to a blog post. It makes things easier for those people who prefer to watch videos rather than read a whole content. It enhances brand loyalty and enhances brand reputation.

Optimize Your YouTube Content

It is crucial to optimize your YouTube profile, videos as well as your channel. Optimizing your YouTube channels and videos will play a huge role in making your content more visible in search engine rankings. Your videos should be rich on keywords, titles, descriptions and phrases. To get more engagement, it is advised to include keywords and include them in video titles, file names, descriptions, tags, annotations and other relevant fields in your profile.

Share Your Videos on Social Media

One of the best ways to drive more traffic from social media channels is to mention your new videos in tweets and status updates in Facebook. Social media networks are the most powerful marketing tools which can drive huge amount of traffic to your website. Using these platforms get your videos exposed to a wide range of audience. Uploading your video content on various social bookmarking and news sites can expand the viewership beyond your existing customers and social media followers.

Compelling YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube usually sets the thumbnails of your video and in most of the cases it does not look very enticing. Fortunately, when you upload your videos you will be able to change the thumbnail image. If you want to lure in more viewers for your videos, use an image that is very intriguing and creative relevant to the title of the video. There are many creators even use custom images and advanced graphics to make the thumbnail image more appealing for viewers.

Playlists for Your YouTube Videos

When your viewer clicks on a single video on your channel, they will only get a single video. If there is a playlist along with your video, if you can create a playlist, your viewers will get an extended viewing experience. When there is a series of related videos, creating a well-arranged playlist will significantly increase your views by giving your audience a whole new experience.

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