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Friday, December 21, 2018

Bonnevilla, of Khoriantor and Enuar, Brings a Unique Vibe in the Hip Hop Music

Chuck D once famously declared that hip-hop was the ghetto CNN; unbeknownst to Mr. Chuck, hip-hop has expanded to become a reflection of not just the regional ghettos of the West Coast and East Coast streets, but a global voice for the voiceless.

The Latin-American duo of Khoriantor and Enuar—collectively known as Bonnevilla—are a Chilean-Mexican hip-hop group that demonstrates the power the genre indeed holds. Currently hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Khoriantor was originally born in Santiago, Chile, and moved to the US when he was 12. Enuar hails from Mexico City, Mexico, and moved to the US when he was 15. The duo has achieved widespread critical acclaim for their searing social commentary, blended with the sonic aesthetics of underground 90s hip-hop that purest have long believed all but extent on a commercial level.

Their music is entirely in Spanish; however, the sheer vibe of their music can be felt, regardless. It's an effect not unlike the popularity of Drake in largely non-English speaking markets. Including work with award-winning [Mexican] rappers Akil Ammar and Bocafloja, as well as Argentinian producer Gas-Lab. They've released three official album, including their most recent—Ad Finem—which has garnered acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Their chemistry is electric; they share taste in music, social ideologies, and—most importantly—a great friendship. They form like Voltron on wax and are seasoned performers, ready to rock shows, rallies, and other relevant events at the drop of a dime. Sticking to their guns and refusing to waver or censor their thought process to fit into any box or convention is quickly making them a favorite on the Latin scene. With tons of videos, spins, awards under their belts, the future is bright for Bonnevilla.

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