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Sunday, October 7, 2018

T.I Prevented Gang Shootout

It has recently come to light that once in a gang standoff the atmosphere became quite tense to the point that there was a possibility for a shootout between the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and the rapper The Game. However, T.I managed to put a stop to it before weapons were used.
It is no secret that the rapper heroically convinced Scott Stapp, Creed rocker back in 2006 to not commit suicide. Scott was ready to jump off a building in Miami, Florida and thus, end his life. But, T.I saved the day. Yet again, the Live Your Life hitmaker has managed to save the day by averting a potential shootout.
In his new album, Dime Trap, the rap star confesses that while hanging out with fellow rapper The Game in Los Angeles, he found himself amidst a tense and dangerous situation. He opened up about the details of that night in an interview saying that he was the only person there who was not involved from either side but wanted to do the right thing by calming down the parties involved.
Though T.I was not supposed to be there, it was lucky for the involved parties that he was present. He managed to calm everyone down with his words. Recalling the event, he says that perhaps he was more concerned for his life that he decided to talk everyone down. The officers from LAPD got out their guns causing The Game to go off into a rage and challenge the officers to make a move. However, the rapper wanted to make sure that no one ended up hurt, or in the jail and therefore, was able to convince everyone to talk the situation out rather than use violence.
Back in 2010, T.I also saved another man who was about to end his life by jumping off a 22-story building in his hometown Atlanta, Georgia. The rapper admits that such events are becoming a recurrence for him. He always happens to be there to save innocent lives somehow. The hitmaker also confessed that he also happened to be present when a woman’s car flipped over right in front of him. It was the day after he stopped the potential shootout that he was driving down Crenshaw and saw a car horribly lose control and flip over. When he rushed out to save the driver, who was a woman, she was not in the right state of mind. But before his cover was blown, he made sure that the woman was okay and left.
Though he feels bad for getting caught up in the middle of such unfortunate occurrences, T.I is glad that he is able to help out people and save lives.

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