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Monday, December 19, 2016

Mariah Carey joins James Corden for Christmas Carpool Karaoke

The American singer is set to surprise her fans with a Carpool Karaoke having a Christmas inspired theme, and for this reason, she joined James Corden to make this surprise possible as a team last week.

The Hero hit-maker was spotted in "The Late Late Show" in March 2015 where she participated in its hit segment of celebrity singing. She also made a comeback to its latest episode broadcasted on Thursday, December 15, 2016 and was praised publicly for her splendid appearance and mesmerizing singing.
James in a SUV fully packed with parents thanked Mariah for her support and help with his festive shopping as she really helped him to have an entirely different point of view on what to buy for an occasion. He also asked the star what he may get her for the holy festival as she presented him an "ugly" holiday sweater and helped him in his tasks.

On the other hand, the singer who was wearing a red leather jacket and had zipped it low showing off her jeweled bra, couldn't decide on what she wanted in exchange of her help. She said she did not know what to get from him, and she did not want to ask him for something that costs too higher. Therefore, she requested James to sing her hir song "all I want for Christmas is you".

Since Mariah didn't ask him to give her something that is too costly, the British television host became happy and didn't take long to oblige. He beautifully launched in to a heart-touching version of the tune which initially came out back in 1994 and gathered huge success.

James sung the iconic song with the star and gave another surprise to fans as a hoard of celebrity guests arrived at the set to join the host making the Thursday night's show an unforgettable experience. These celebrities have appeared at the show in James's hosting throughout the passing year and were obliged to make a return to the set.

It appears as James has this idea in mind to have a mash-up right from the beginning of the year as the celebrity segment had the guests like Lady Gaga, Nick Jonas and Chris Martin from "Coldplay". Moreover, it also featured Demi Lovato,Gewn Stefani, Salena Gomez and the red hot chili peppers.
Interestingly, the latest show also witnessed Adele who appeared at the show this year in January and participated in its Carpool Karaoke segment. All the stars belted out the beautiful tune in a "never seen before" way from their respective car rides in the show.

James concluded the show's segment by wishing Mariah Carey a very happy merry Christmas and she replied saying same to him and wished all a happy new year too. The fans, on the other hand, noticed the absence of some notable guests from the mash-up segment of the show like Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez. Moreover, Madonna was also missed at the show along with Bruno Mars who appeared at their own Karaoke segment on December 13, 2016.

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