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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Songwriting Has Been A Useful Therapy For Zayn Malik's Anxiety

Zayn Malik has been using songwriting as a useful therapy as he thinks this is the best way to help him deal with the severe anxiety issues that have been striking his life for couple of months.

The pop star this year in June came among the public when he announced he was cancelling one of his big concerts in London. He told them how he had been through his personal struggle with mental disorder. The aforementioned gig was his first show as a solo artist in the United Kingdom, and he at the eleventh hour revealed he was dealing with the worst anxiety of his life especially in his career.

Zayn later called off another show scheduled in Dubai where he was stated to perform as solo in October, 2016. But his continuous battle with mental health issues prevented him from participating in the concert.

The former “One Direction” member has opened up the ways he is trying his best to deal with the issue. He revealed writing has appeared something like a “wonder” to him whether he does songwriting or writes a diary. He says he feels writing anything down is like a part of his anxiety therapy. And according to the singer, it alleviates the mind and gets it out there.

Zayn was the first member to leave the famous boy band "One Direction" in 2015. He now admits it really helped him when he revisited and reevaluated his past for his autobiography which is recently released. He said doing so also helped him put lots of things in a perspective.

The pop star says it worked as a little bit of therapy for him but he really kind of enjoyed it; and he thinks it was quite fun when he recalls on things or thinks about what good he had and what bad he went through. He says it’s funny to make sense of it all as he did not have time to do that while he was in One Direction.

The singer is in Los Angeles these days as he wants to focus on his solo career. He feels he is currently not as stressed as he felt when he was in the band. He says he is enjoying what he is doing at the moment. When he was still a part of the ban, there came some moments when he wanted to go and see his family or needed time to recollect his thoughts.

However, he now feels like he has the time for processing things, and he does things in his own space. And for that reason, Los Angeles is a good place to live in. But he also believes he can always be relying on his family and friends living in Bradford for keeping himself grounded. He says people of his hometown are easily and always ready to pull him down to earth whenever he gets a little bit headed. He is grateful for that as one of those things that he likes to hold in his personality is the reality that he is quite grounded. Moreover, he feels himself growing daily as a human as everyone does.

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