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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Adele Appreciates her Best Friend’s Strength

While her best friend indulges in battle with postpartum psychosis, Adele has taken it upon herself to publicly appreciate her efforts as a way of supporting her.
Laura Dockrill, named Adele the Godmother of her now six-month old baby soon after giving birth. A few days ago, Laura revealed on a parenting blog that she has been on war with severe hallucinations that are a part of postpartum psychosis.
Along with posting a link to her friend’s article, Adele shared a few words on how heartbreaking it is for her to know that her friend is suffering from depression. However, she appreciated her pal’s efforts at dealing with it by writing a creative and witty article, describing her experience being diagnosed with postpartum psychosis. Furthermore, the singer urged mothers all around the world to open up and seek help if they too need support as it could save their lives, along with their child’s.
In addition to recounting the event when she wrongly accused her husband of abducting their baby, Laura opens up about her anxiety and skin issues, Adele has dedicated her song My Same to praise her strength. Soon after the accusation, she was admitted to the hospital so that she could recover from postpartum psychosis by receiving proper treatment.
Adele and her best friend have been widely appreciated for bringing attention to an issue that is ingrained in the society, but very few people talk about it. They are being applauded for giving mothers the courage to receive proper care and treatment.

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