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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Emerging Artists Chart Witnesses Debut of Deafheaven

The Emerging Artists chart dated the 28th of July, have seen Deafheaven debut at No. 2 on the rankings. The heavy metal group that hail from San Francisco, also have their new LP called ‘Ordinary Corrupt Human Love’ debuting at No. 5 in the Hard Rock Albums chart and at No. 18 in the Top Rock Albums chart. According to Nielsen Music, the set has managed to earn 7,000 equivalent album units during the week.
Promising artists are ranked based on their popularity during the week on the Emerging Artists chart. The formula used is the same as the one used for the Billboard Artist 100 chart, which includes multiple charts to measure the activity of an artist. These charts include the Social 50, Billboard 200, as well as the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The Emerging Artists chart, however, does not include artists or bands that have managed a place in the top 25, of either the Billboard 200 or the Hot 100 charts. The chart also does not include artists, who have managed at least 2 entries in the top 10 of the ‘Hot’ genre charts and/or ‘Top’ album genre rankings.
‘Ordinary Corrupt Human Love’ has also managed to obtain top spot on the Vinyl Albums Chart, as the set managed to sell 3,000 vinyl copies.
In the Emerging Artists chart meanwhile, Lauv has managed to top the rankings for the sixth time. The artist released a single called ‘I Like Me Better’ which has made new ground on the Billboard 200, as it rose 4 places from No. 33 to No. 29, while also recording 23 weeks on the rankings. Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, has managed to climb 3 places from No. 7 to No. 4, owing to his improved social media presence. Tomlinson has managed No. 4 on the Social 50 chart as well, as he witnessed a 12 percent increase during week. He has previously managed a peak of No. 2, which occurred back in September of last year.
At No. 3 in the Emerging Artists Chart is Queen Naija, who has dropped a place from No. 2. The top 5 is completed by Van Fleet, who rose 11 places from No. 16, to finish the week at No. 5.

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