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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Top 6 English Songs Of 2017

From Cardi B’s debut song Bodak Yellow to Lorde’s elated emotional cleansing in Green Light, the year of 2017 was full of the best songs that appealed the listeners by their inspirational and emotional lyrics and soulful melodies.

This year, music artists mesmerized a tumultuous world, and pushed boundaries in their voice and instruments. Electronic producers discovered music inspiration around the world as well as in their home countries. Pop stars used their music to parse their stories of love and breakups while hip-hop artists transformed and changed the genre at light speed.

Listed below are top songs 2017 that hit the charts.     

1. Bodak Yellow --- Cadri B

Released on June 16, 2017, Bodak Yellow topped the U.S Billboard Hot chart for 3 consecutive weeks. This award-winning single was a debut song of the American rapper Cadri B who also wrote its lyrics. Bodak Yellow is known for having a cultural impact on the musical rap and making Cardi a world-famous celebrity.

2. DNA --- Kendrick Lamar 

At number 2, we have Kendrick Lamar’s DNA from his hit studio album Damn. The singer unwinds the idea about nature, origins, destiny and nurture through the verses of DNA and listeners can feel how the singer is imagining about world around him. The music video of this song features Don Cheadle who played a vital role in its success as an actor.

3. Green Light --- Lorde  

Sung and co-written by New Zealand singer Lorde, Green Light has been acclaimed as one of the best songs of 2017. The musical style and singer’s vocal delivery made the song truly unbeatable on the most musical charts. Green Light is a dance-pop, post-disco, and electro-pop track that also includes upbeat piano loop, strings, bass and hand-claps in its instruments. The song is from Lorde’s second album Melodrama which was released in March 2017.

4. Love Galore [ft. Travis Scott]  --- SZA

Love Galore was released in April, 2017. It was the second single from SZA’s studio album Ctrl, and came up as a flawless introduction to the fascinating character that the singer settled on her first album. There is something movielike about the way the rapper coats her acts in this story of toxic romance.  Written by SZA, the song was ranked at number 4 in the best songs of the year.

5. Chanel --- Frank Ocean 

It’s one of the best singles by Frank Ocean that was released last year. Chanel is the first and most potent of his other tracks, and reveals the modern era. The song is made with a low piano phrases and trades the thoughtful air marking the singer for a self-possessed attitude. 

6. Dum Surfer --- King Krule 

This track by King Krule is a perfect example of making a song dreadful without sacrificing on its channel, its sex appeal and its arrogance. Dum Surfer is so sullen and controlled with revulsion and so miserable with its empathy that it even doesn’t bother to spell its own title in the right way.  Chanel has snaky flute, periodic cash-register tick and muted drumming which flourish its musical melody and ranks among the best songs of 2017.     

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