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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Matt Bellamy Gets Engaged

Matt Bellamy, the frontman for Muse, is now celebrating his engagement with model Elle Evans. The 39-year-old British rocker was on vacation with Elle in Fiji when he decided to pop the question. It was only days after the bride-to-be had celebrated her 28th birthday and she couldn’t wait to share the news with everyone on Instagram. She did exactly that on Saturday, 23rd December, through a series of photos.

She said that they had wanted to give everyone a surprise on Christmas, but it was not possible to wait any longer. She called their vacation the most romantic holiday and referred to Bellamy as her dream man. She revealed that once the shock and disbelief had worn off, she had accepted his proposal with tears of joy because she couldn’t imagine living without him. Elle further added that they had a bright future that would be filled with family and love and they would make beautiful memories.

Amongst the several pictures she had uploaded, there was one where the couple was riding horses on the beach. There was also one more that showed off the model resting her hand on her fiancé’s and it highlighted her pear-shaped and huge diamond ring along with a message in the sand, congratulating them.

This is the third engagement for Matt; previously he had intended to marry Gaia Polloni, an Italian psychologist before they had ended the relationship in 2009. After that, he had had a romance with the mother of his six-year-old son Bing, actress Kate Hudson. However, they had also split up in 2014 and yet they remain quite close. In fact, Kate even invited Matt and Elle to celebrate Christmas with them last year in Colorado. Elle and Matt had begun dating in early 2015 after they had appeared in Robin Thicke’s saucy music video called Blurred Lines.    

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