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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Manchester Comes to Life Again as Ariana Returns to Perform with Many Other Great Music Celebrities

When the terrorist attack during an Ariana Grande’s concert took place on May 22, people were confused how to respond to the situation. The best thing that came out of this tragic incident was the big heart of the people of Manchester. The people of Manchester continued to show their love and affection for Ariana Grande in the wake of the incident.

This brought Ariana back to Manchester, and this time she did not come alone. It was the One Love benefit show and the music stars and bands that appeared on the stage during the show were Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Pharrell etc.

A huge population of fans had already gathered around the venue and spent night there. Local people even came out and chatted with these people and served them with water and some food. The show took place at Old Trafford Cricket Ground. All the buses taking fans to the venue charged nothing to them.

In fact, they had removed their destination names and rather put up #welovemcr. All the young fans of Ariana Grande were as excited as they are on any Ariana Grande concert. There was glitter everywhere and many of them had bunny ears. These bunny ears are considered a trademark sign of Ariana Grande.

People were wearing t-shirts with bees on them. In fact, there were hundreds and thousands of banners and placards with bees on them. It needs to be reminded here that bee symbolizes Manchester’s civic pride when industrial revolution was taking place in the region.

The immense production that was taking place in Manchester at that time was unbelievable for that time. Textile mills were producing so much textile and fabric that foreigners and locals started referring to them as bee hives.

After the terrorist attack took place on May 22, this bee became a sign for the people of Manchester to show that they were hard working people and hardships were nothing for them.

Throughout the stadium the 50,000 fans that had come out to watch the concert continued to chant. The most common chant heard constantly was Manchester la la la. Before people started watching the show on TV, Andy Brunham, Manchester’s mayor, had also talked to the crowd and talked about unity and oneness of the people of Manchester.

The show was opened for the big stars by Take That, a semi-famous pop group from the UK. The stars then kept coming on the stage making their fans go wow and aww. During the performances there were a lot of duets to show solidarity, unity and oneness.

Since the stars that had come to perform for the people belonged to different genres, it was a mixed surprise for all the fans there. Anthemic indie to hip hop and hip hop to pure pop, everything was happening there. Katy Perry became the center of attraction for the crowd when she appeared on the stage with a t-shirt that had the pictures of all the innocent boys and girls who had lost their lives on May 22.

Many of the fans were seeing crying or trying to hold back their tears as they were able to see their favorite artists in reality. Many fans later talked to media and said that this was the first time they had been to any concert.

Many admired the efforts of Ariana Grande after the terrorism incident. Ariana was kind and generous enough to personally go and visit the boys and girls who had been injured in the incident. The fans could see that even Ariana Grande was almost crying throughout her performance not only because of what had taken place just 2 weeks before but due to the atmosphere that was there on Sunday.

The crowd showed the world how great Manchester is and that nothing could bring the passion of Manchester residents down.

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