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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Debbie Harry’s Tour Won’t Include all her Hits

Debbie Harry cannot promise that she will song all her popular songs on her upcoming tour. Guitarist Chris Stein and the singer and songwriter are members of the wave band called Blondie. They have recently released the Pollinator, their eleventh studio album. The band is about to embark upon a number of international tour dates, but Debbie has warned that fans shouldn’t expect her to belt out every single favorite song.

Speaking to Nylon magazine, Debbie said that she planned on getting on stage and letting the audience know beforehand that they wouldn’t be hearing The Tide is High, her 1980 hit song, or another song and there shouldn’t be any tears. Chris and Debbie’s music has become immensely popular because it is regarded as an eclectic combination of pop, disco and reggae.

In the late 1970s and the early 80s, the two succeeded in releasing several hit singles, which include Rapture, Call Me and Heart of Glass. However, Harry has admitted that when it comes to creating a set list, it can get extremely tricky to choose the tunes. The star said that they have about 40-years worth of music and only one hour in front of the audience. Therefore, it can become immensely difficult to decide what to play, especially because they want to share the new stuff as well.

Debbie is still recognized as a punk icon with her beach blond hair. In the 1970s, her work and look were both influenced by the diverse culture in New York City. 

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