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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

YouTube To Release Lindsey Stirling's Documentary

YouTube has reportedly signed a deal with Magical Elves in order to release Lindsey Stirling's documentary. Titled as Brave Enough, the documentary has been filmed under the direction of Dan Cutforth who is a renowned Emmy Award winning director. Besides, Jane Lipsitz who is the director of several music videos like Justin Bieber's​ “Never say never", has also played an important role in making of Brave Enough. The documentary film is about Lindsey Stirling, the electronic violinist as she has lately embarked on her worldwide tour where she plans to perform on her third album named 'Brave Enough' while its debut is due on May 17, 2017 on YouTube Red.

The documentary has been produced by the vilonist herself in the collaboration with award winning film production Magical Elves.

Brave Enough will reveal some detailed interviews and numerous personal clips of the violinist in addition to her revitalizing performances. Stirling's fans are hoping to get a never-been-seen look at crucial moments that have a vital role in shaping her career. Furthermore, the documentary will bring stories of misfortune as well as achievements to unveil the journey of a talented young woman who is fully determined to do well in her career despite of having the odds in her way.  Brave Enough also follows her emotional journey towards fame and the development of her harmony, as she beautifully mixes electronic music with rap, country and rock to make the extraordinarily unique sound that she is famous for at present.

Lindsey Stirling debuted in 2012 with her self-titled album. She revealed her versatility by showcasing her amazing skills as a dancer, artist, classically-trained violinist and electronic music impresario.  She made most of YouTube as a perfect platform where she presented her innovative idea of cinematic violin driven electronic music. With 9.2 million subscribers and 1.7 billion video views, Lindsey Stirling is a big achiever on the most video viewing online portal.

According to YouTube’s Global Head of original content, Lindsey Stirling has a wonderful talent. She is fully determined to stay true to her vision, and she has worked hard to find her viewers on YouTube. Susanne Daniels says Brave Enough has been made to celebrate Stirling’s unique sound, and will showcase the creativity behind her work. Striling has gone through various challenges in her life but did not leave her optimistic spirit which makes her brave and courageous. This is the same ability of the violinist that her fans love most because it is truly inspiring.

Lindsey Stirling, on the other hand, feels content to see her achievements which she believes are the outcome of her hard work. She says, to her, life isn’t a journey to a destination as it is a nonstop battle where one has to stay optimistic even if it hurts them multiple times. According to Stirling, people can either be hard or strong by the scars of their lives, and it is absolutely their choice that what they want to be. She says, the life is a climb but one should lift up their trails and be fearless.

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