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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Harry Styles Goes Red When Asked about Taylor Swift

Harry Styles has released his first self-titled album on May 12, 2017 and is quite busy in promoting and playing his new songs everywhere. His new album has many successful numbers while Two Ghosts is getting huge popularity among his fans. Lately, the 23-year-old was reportedly left red-faced when a media person asked him if he this song is about Taylor Swift, his former girlfriend. Sources also confirm that the singer did not deny it but rather chose to stay quite.

Harry was invited by BBC Radio 1 for an interview with friend Nick Grimshaw who continued nagging the British singer to reveal what inspired him to make Two Ghosts. Nick's question was in reference to the rumors that have been swirling around for last few weeks suggesting that Harry's song is nothing but is his own story which is fully inspired by his former love association with the Shake It Off hit-maker.

Surprisingly, Harry was continuously blushing and remained coy during the interview. He just said that he thinks the track is quite self-explanatory and he does not feel like anything that the host was asking about. Two Ghosts is about how sometimes things are changed and how one can do all the same things. The singer was being obvious with his uncomfortable feelings as he was also noted mumbling to his spokesman "Help me Jeffrey."

Failing to get Harry's answer without a clear and complete explanation Nick made him feel shame even more by quipping "Here is the song about Taylor Swift" and played the sound. In response, the former member of One Direction cried out saying he should then go to Capital radio station, the rival of BBC Radio 1 station.

Luckily, things were under control and the atmosphere remained peaceful when Harry visited BBC Radio 2 to have another live interview with Chris Evans. They had a friendly discussion about how Harry embraced starting his career as a solo artist and how he feels over his new album’s success.

Talking about his own band, Harry said his favorite part about playing with the band is that he never had moments when he really felt repressed. Also, he never had any feelings like he was faking it. He thought he was going to put that out and he was going to say everything he had in mind. Harry insisted its fact he wanted to be honest.

Not to mention, Harry Styles left One Direction a few months before it went on hiatus in the beginning of 2016 though they just had dropped their fifth studio album titled "Made in the A.M". Besides Harry Styles, other band members like Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne have also walked towards their own matters since then. Zayn Malik has already gained huge popularity as a solo performer and is enjoying his debut solo album titled as Mind of Mine that was released in the mid of 2016. Liam Payne, on the other hand is gearing up to release his new music in coming days.

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