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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

10 Fun Facts about New Found Glory

If you're a fan of pop punk, you know the band New Found Glory. They led the way for the second wave of pop punk in the 90s and kept the genre going strong. NFG is known for putting on great live shows full of energy. They have an enthusiastic cult following. Whether you're new to the band or you're a longtime fan, here are 10 New Found Glory facts you might not know.

1. The band's original name was A New Found Glory but they quickly shortened it to just New Found Glory. Lead singer Jordan Pundik and guitarist Stephen Klein were working at Red Lobster together and brainstorming band names. A New Found Glory was scrawled onto a napkin and it ended up being the name they chose. Jordan credited the single "A Newfound Interest in Massachusetts" by The Get Up Kids as partial inspiration for the name. The decision to shorten their name to just New Found Glory was because fans were struggling to find them in record stores. Their second Album, New Found Glory, was the official launch of the new name.

2. The four current members (Jordan Pundik, Chad Gilbert, Ian Grushka, Cyrus Bolooki) have all been with the band since 1997. Jordan, Chad, and Ian were founding members and Cyrus joined shortly thereafter. The band formed in Coral Springs, Florida.

3. New Found Glory music videos have featured several famous guests, including Travis Barker of Blink-182, Rachael Leigh Cook, and Corey Feldman.

4. The band's first LP, It's All About the Girls, was recorded in a friend's apartment. Since then, they've recorded 9 studio albums.

5. The members of New Found Glory were just out of high school when the band formed. As the band and its music matured, so did the bandmates. Through marriage and children and all the other twists and turns of adult life, the band has remained constant.

6. A few New Found Glory songs have been featured in Electronic Arts (EA) video games. "This Disaster" was used in EA Sports' Madden NFL 2005 and "At Least I'm Known for Something" was used in EA's Burnout 3: Takedown.

7. All the members of the band have pursued other interests and careers over the last two decades in addition to making music together. Jordan, a longtime tattoo aficionado, apprenticed with a tattoo artist Ian White for a year and eventually opened his own tattoo shop in San Diego. Cyrus is a licensed realtor. His playful Instagram bio says: "Drummer for @newfoundglory by day, Licensed REALTOR® at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty at night... or is it the other way around?" All the members of the band have also pursued other musical side projects, including The International Superheroes of Hardcore, a project they all worked on together. Since 2010, Chad has released a lot of solo music under the name What's Eating Gilbert. He has also worked as a producer for other artists.

8. The NFG guys are known for being pranksters. While on tour with the band Set Your Goals, they set off smoke bombs and fireworks during the other band's set. On New Found Glory's AMA on Reddit, Jordan said that buying fireworks and blowing up porta-potties was his favorite tour shenanigan.

9. The band has been a part of several major tours in the U.S. and around the world. They have toured with Blink-182 and Green Day. They called touring with Green Day "a dream come true" and still reminisce about touring with the band as a highlight. They've also been headliners at some major festivals, including the Pop-Punk festival, the SlamDunk Festival, and The Bamboozle festival. At the Bamboozle festival, the band did a full set in tribute to The Ramones, with Marky Ramone on drums. NFG has described The Ramones as an important musical influence for them. They have also released some Ramones covers.

10. To celebrate two decades together as a band, NFG is going on an epic 20-anniversary tour. The shows on the tour will be ambitious and nostalgic, as they plan to play six of their albums in their entirety. They'll play two full albums at each show and fans will help choose which albums they play. Each New Found Glory concert on the 20th-anniversary tour will be different. Before you get your New Found Glory tickets, you should check to see which albums they'll be playing at each show if you want to make sure you hear your favorite songs played live. Many concerts for the 20 Years of Pop Punk tour are sold out. A large banner on stage says "1997-Forever" making clear that NFG wants their legacy to last. They don't show any signs of letting up anytime soon and may continue leading the way for pop punk until they're a quartet of rocking grandfathers!

If you knew all 10 of these New Found Glory facts, consider yourself a New Found Glory superfan. The band's ninth studio album, Makes Me Sick, comes out on April 28, 2017. Catch the band on their tour and see if it's "All Downhill From Here" or if calling NFG the godfathers of pop punk is an "Understatement." Go ahead, "Listen to Your Friends" and "Make Your Move" to go back to those "Familiar Landscapes" of sound and enjoy a New Found Glory concert. It will feel like "Coming Home" and picking up "Right Where We Left Off." What is your favorite New Found Glory song?

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