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Friday, April 21, 2017

Prince’s Doctor Denies Using False Name for Prescribing Medication

Reports have been circulating that Prince’s doctor prescribed powerful painkillers to the tragic superstar under a false name, but a lawyer for the doctor has denied such claims. On 21st April last year, the Purple Rain singer was found dead at his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota. It was revealed that his death had occurred due to an overdose of the Opioid Fentanyl, which he had been known to use for treating a hip problem.

In the aftermath of the icon’s death, his property had been searched by the police and newly unsealed documents came to light on Monday, which showed that the authorities had unearthed a huge stash of prescription drugs during their search. One document explained that a horde of narcotic controlled substance pills were found during the search in different containers that were spread out in Prince’s bedroom. It was also disclosed that some of the painkillers were in a suitcase that boasted the nametag ‘Peter Bravestrong’, which was considered an alias used for the singer.

There were several prescription containers in the suitcase in the name of Prince’s bodyguard, Kirk Johnson. It was also alleged in the unsealed search warrant documents that Michael Schulenberg, the doctor of the musician, had spoken to a Carver Country Sherriff at the time of Prince’s death. He had told them that a week before Prince’s death, he had issued a prescription for oxycodone, a high-risk drug, because the musician had suffered from a medical emergency on a private plane. He had said that the prescription had been issued in Kirk Johnson’s name for privacy reasons.

The claims have now been dismissed by a lawyer for Dr. Schulenberg and he insists that the doctor didn’t do such a thing because that would mean breaking federal and state laws. Amy Conners, the lawyer, issued a statement in which she said that opioids had never been prescribed by Dr. Schulenberg to Prince or another person with the intent that they would be given to the musician. After the papers were released, lawyer for bodyguard Kirk Johnson also distanced him from any claims about improper behavior.      

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