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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ricky Martin Opens Up About His First Meeting With New Fiancé

The Latin rock star Ricky Martin is looking forward for his upcoming concert that will take place in Las Vegas this year in April. The singer in a recent radio talk with Andy Cohen revealed about different phases of his love story with new fiancé Jwan Yosef.

The Livin' La Vida Loca hit-maker told the host that his new love partner is a Syrian-Swedish artist who he met via Instagram and they had been involved in friendly chatting with each other for some time before their friendship turned into a romantic relationship. Both the artists announced their engagement last year in November.

Martin confessed that Instagram has an important role for giving the new couple an opportunity to know each other. According to the singer, the social media brought them together and he is really glad to find his fiancé.

During his interview with the host of famous radio show "Andy SiriusXM", Martin said he first met his fiancé on the social media where they exchanged good friendly words before turning into romantic terms. The singer said he is an art collector and his fiancé is an artist. He was scrolling and found that gorgeous piece of art. He was soon mesmerizing by Yosef behind the work.

Martin said he wrote to him after seeing his account on Instagram. The couple then started sending messages to each other and had several long chats over the time. According to Ricky Martin, all this continued for at least 6 months but he never heard his voice for a single time during the entire period. Most of the time, art remained their mutual topic of discussion which they both admired a lot. Martin clarified that they never talked anything sexy during these chats. Yosef lives in London and the singer especially visited the British city to meet him.

The 45-year-old says he had no option than to seal the deal after he met Syrian-Swedish artist in person and it was the time when they ended their friendship and embarked on a romantic journey. The couple began dating last year in February and Martin feels that Yosef was "the one" he always wanted to meet.

Martin says love is one of the most amazing things that have given him lots of beautiful moments. He admits his relationship with Yosef has everything that you need in a romantic association. He also had an unofficial conversation with in which he admitted that he wanted to allow himself to feel all those magical moments of being in love, and he was very happy about what was happening. He said he is a hopeless romantic person.

The father of twins came out as a gay in 2010 and is very happy with his engagement. Martin’s twin sons Matteo and Valentino were born via a surrogate mother in 2008 and are living with their father. Previously, Martin had an on & off relationship with Rebecca de Alba which continued for 14 years. Though, his relationship with the Mexican TV host came to a point where he considered proposing to her, their love story ended at a final breakup. 

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