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Monday, December 5, 2016

John Legend Says His Daughter Will Always Be The Light In Darkness

The star John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen have welcomed their first child earlier this year and are pleased to announce they have finally given her baby a beautiful name "Luna". Upon question what they had in mind when they decided to name their baby-girl as Luna, the couple smiled and said they want their daughter always appear as the light in the darkness.

Luna was born in April this year after her fashion model mom Chrissy chose to undergo an IVF treatment to become pregnant and start a family life with her singer husband. The newly become parents are happy with their child's arrival since then and their excitement for the newcomer made them choose a unique name.

Becoming a father has provided the singer great inspiration of writing songs for his new music and he has revealed to release his new album with the title of "Darkness and Light" saying it's directly connected to the moniker of their little Luna.

His new album is based on the real ideas of real life as he says the world has trouble, darkness and uncertainty for everyone who lives here. But there's always some light of hope, certainty and faith that keeps us on sustaining and fighting with evil. In addition, the theme of Light in darkness also tells us that the love of our own people such as, family and loved ones can help us hold on to continue.

John Legend in a media talk with the Associated Press said they named their baby-girl "Luna". It's literally refers to the moon, as it provides us the light in the darkness of black night.

His new track "Right By You" from the new album has meaningful songwriting which John feels happy to dedicate to his 7-year-old child. The singer also admitted he couldn't stop him from breaking down in tears when he particularly came to his family to share its tune. He says when he first played "Right by you" to his daughter and wife Chrissy, he just began breaking down in tears as it seemed so real to him and he felt it just appropriate for how he has been feeling as a father. The star also wonders what Luna is going to be like when she reaches to a grown-up age.

According to John Legend, he has seen new parents having more questions than answers and that's why he wanted his song to reflect all that. He wonders if anyone would live like him or look like him.

John has also released another song from his new album "Love me now" which's music video is viral on the internet these days. The video gains huge popularity with the appearance of little Luna who is accompanying her celebrity parents. The song's video also includes photos and video clips of different families with each different background. The video also shows a couple living in Iraq's refugee camp and another from Rock Reservation in North Dakota, where protestors are standing in disapproval against a oil pipeline controversy scandal.

In addition, the video has also served as a explanation on today's social justice problems in the world, and the singer has high hopes for his daughter to follow in the footsteps of her parents as honest activists.

He says he would like his daughter to be aware of the privileged place that she is in but also she must know that they're many people who are living as less privileged. According to John, Luna must know where her father and mother come from as they both belong to working class families that did not always have it easy, and he wants his child to be grateful and kind for whatever she has. She should be considerate and giving and aware of the truth.

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