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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

David Muller Opens Up About Alleged Groping Case by Taylor Swift

The anonymous sexual harassment case between Taylor Swift and the DJ is once again swirling in the headlines following the new situation raised by the David Muller who says why the alleged misbehavior was never reported to the police if he was really found guilty during a get-together in 2013.

Taylor Swift is fighting a lawsuit against David Mueller, who has claimed to have lost his employment at KYGO station in Colorado after the "Blank Space" hit-maker made false allegations on him saying that he touched her butt when they were giving poses for some photographs backstage at one of her shows in Denver.

However, Swift didn't feel like staying quite on this, and returned countersuing and accusing Mueller of sexual harassment. Moreover, she has also appointed a team of lawyers to seek a court trial so that the dispute can be resolved by the law. Taylor's lawyers also submitted a photograph as an evidence of the moment that has been taken a "question" by either side. In October, 2016 the court agreed to seal the snap until next trial after the singer requested to keep it covered as she believes it is "extremely sensitive and personal in genre".

However, the controversial image was soon leaked on the Internet in November 2016. Following the leakage of the evidence made Mueller to come forward and explain the situation on November 29. It was first time throughout the case when he sitting at "Mojo in the morning" a radio show opened up about what went wrong during the photo session at Swift's concert in Denver.

The DJ was adamant that he never tried to come into contact with Swift's bottom, though he said they unintentionally touched their hands- briefly - as they were moving closer to give poses for the photographs. The snap submitted as an evidence of the incident featured Muller in left side of the singer while his girlfriend Shannon could be seen standing to Swift's right.

He told the host he was looking at the photographer and was trying to bring his right hand behind the star. Then he got his hands close having his palm down and he reached behind toward her. Their hands were unintentionally touched, and even their arms were crossed as normally people do while giving pose for photos. Muller insists that's all he remembers that his right hand moved behind her along with having her hand behind him.

The DJ added his hand never touched her body and this is what he can tell everyone. He said his hand never went under Taylor's skirt and he never tried to grab her.

Explaining the situation further, Muller said if his hand was stuck under her skirt and he had really grabbed bare bottom of the star as she has been accusing him of, he'd have been sent behind the bar that time. He then met with criminal lawyer to seek advice after the security kicked the DJ and his girlfriend out of the venue.

During the interview, he also went on defending his reputation and said there was nothing from the police and he was just blank. He has never been in troubles for anything in his life and he claims to have never been doing anything inappropriate with any female. He said he wasn't standing alone with the singer during the photo session.  Soon after when he was standing outside the arena with his girlfriend, security grabbed both of them and threw them out of the place.  Both were left shocked looking at each other as they just had no idea what to do or say.

On the other hand, Taylor's fans are waiting for her to respond to the comments the DJ has given during the radio show. She in a recent statement for the lawsuit said she extremely "felt being violated" by the suspected groping, and "was shocked and quiet the moment the DJ reportedly touched her bottom. According to the musician, she felt like somebody turned off the lights in her personality.

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