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Monday, November 28, 2016

Russ Let’s Everyone Know What They Want

Hip-hop artist and record producer Russ, 24, has achieved great success in 2016. His Billboard Top 100 hit ‘What They Want’ has generated over 20 million views on YouTube – not to mention the single is making significant head way on the charts jumping from 95 to 84 in a week. Even though he’s becoming more noticeable on the mainstream, Russ is no stranger in the hip-hop industry. Russ signed with Columbia Records in June 2016.

In an interview with DJ Small Eyez, Russ said he wanted to sign with Columbia Records because they understood and believed his vision the most. He thought that they were the most polished among the other record labels he met with. Before signing with Columbia Records, Russ said that he was puVng out a new song every week and didn’t feel like the singles were being recognized.

In 2014, Russ opened a SoundCloud page and it has reached over 36 million listens. SoundCloud is a global online audio distribution plaXorm that enables users to upload, record, promote, and share originally-created sounds. Before launching his successful SoundCloud channel, Russ released 11 albums with critical acclaim – helping to build a strong musical plaXorm for his career and solidifying his rap game. Russ started writing rhymes in his notebook at the age of seven, began developing beats at 14 and ended up recording his first song at 18-years-old. Now Russ is selling out concerts in Europe and across the U.S. Tickets can be found at See Tickets.

Unlike a lot of artists, Russ writes and produces his own music – he’s not your average hook rapper, instead he’s out to be a story teller. Russ was born in New Jersey and se[led into the Atlanta area a]er bouncing around during his childhood. In Atlanta, Russ helped to create DIEMON with friends Bugus and John Anthony. DIEMON is known for creating notable single “Goodbye,” “Too Many,” and “Losin Control.” The acronym DIEMON stands for ‘Do It Every day, Music Or Nothing’. DIEMON creates music that is a completely different sound that’s not easily categorized into the typical Atlanta vibe – such as Gucci Mane, T.I. and Young Jeezy.

There’s no doubt that Russ will continue to have real success within the hip-hop industry – his lyrics and beats are unique and catchy. Who knows maybe in the upcoming year, Russ will get to collaborate with his wish list of hip-hop artists such as Nate Dogg, Drake and Kanye.

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