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Monday, November 28, 2016

Elton John Refuses to Perform in Washington DC

The American rock icon Elton John has reportedly refused to perform at the inauguration ceremony of newly elected American President that is slated to take place in January 2017. Moreover, his representatives have also denied the rumors suggesting the singer has been booked for a live performance in Washington D.C.

Elton John is an enthusiastic fan of Hillary Clinton and had been outspokenly supporting her in the pre-election campaign for U.S presidential election 2016. Like other supporters of Trump's rival, the "Rocket Man" hit-maker fully supported the Democratic candidate in the run up to the polling till the midnight of the Election Day. And that was the reasons; John's fans were in shocking state to know their favorite star had allegedly signed the deal to play for the concert at the Mall next year in January.

It seems Donald Trump is a fan of Elton John and likes his music. He had also made use of some of his tracks during his pre-election campaign such as “Tiny Dancer” even without the endorsement of the 69-year-old star.  

On the other hand, the claim of Elton's performing for Donald Trump was made by Anthony Scaramucci who is serving the new U.S President as a key advisor during his interview on Hardtalk who told the BBC News that Elton John was going to do their show for Trump's inauguration. But Scaramucci's announcement appeared as news to the singer who then told his representative to make it public that there was no reality in the announcement of his performance for Trump's inauguration and he would never be a part of his celebration for becoming the 45th president of the United States.

The representative in a statement sent to suggests the announcement was not at all true as Elton John had never agreed to perform at the inauguration of Donald Trump as the Chief of the country.

As mentioned earlier, Elton had been throwing his support behind Democratic Party's candidate and was a key part of her campaign trail in 2016. He performed in the collaboration with Katy Perry in New York at one of campaign's concerts "I'm With Her" earlier this year in March.

Elton has several times expressed how he thinks of new president of the United States. In October 2016, he participated in a fundraising campaign for the former Secretary of State and told the media that Americans need a humanitarian to stay as their president in the White House. We never want a barbarian to rule on us.

Declaring his belief about Hillary Clinton can be a better president; Elton said he was backing her as she has practicality fought for respect decency, kindness, and equality.

It is worth mentioning here that Elton's denial for the concert emerged several days after Vince Neil announced to have been "uninvited" to the inauguration show which he has accepted. He also said he doesn't know who is going to perform at the show being held to celebrate Trump's victory but he prays God bless 'em! 

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