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Monday, October 10, 2016

Selena Gomez’s First Public Appearance After Her Self-Imposed Hiatus From Music

Selena Gomez is enjoying her days during her self-imposed hiatus from music career. Her first public appearance after her “break announcement” was spotted over the weekend. According to reports, the singer was recently seen meeting her followers at a restaurant in Tennessee. She spent a good time with them, took selfies of herself with the fans and gave them autographs.

The 24-year-old songster was diagnosed with Lupus in the end months of 2015 which has been mentally striking her since then. It's an inoperable immune system disease which causes the patient suffer from severe headaches, skin-rashes, anxiety and anemia. The medical condition, according to Salena, is badly upsetting her and therefore she wants to take some time to handle the depression and anxiety caused by the illness. She subsequently made an official announcement in August 2016 and told her fans she was going on a break from her work and would be back whenever she feels better.

Almost two months after Salena announced she was taking time off to help herself, she was spotted in Alcoa, a beautiful city of Tennessean. According to media reports, Salena had a great time with fans at Texas Roadhouse restaurant where she came for lunch over the weekend (October 08, 2016).

According to the eyewitnesses, the Come-and-Get-It star was invited for lunch by the self-service restaurant which she accepted. She did not take long at the place when her fans saw her and came to her requesting for photographs and autographs. Salena joined her fans for an afternoon meal and was feeling happy to be among them. She graciously took photos with them and continued posing for the selfies with fans.

Salena's meeting with fans got the popularity across the social media after one of the fans reposted the gathering pictures on Twitter. The sightseeing got viral among Salena's fans that began to spread the snaps on their social media accounts on Saturday.

During the announcement, the singer honestly told her fans she was suffering from the side effects of Lupus which she was diagnosed with last year. And the medical condition was rendering her to announce a self-imposed break from the limelight a month ago. She later in a statement revealed she took a break so that she can focus on her health.

She says she has discovered that panic attacks and depression are the horrible side effects of Lupus and can bring lots of challenges to the patient. She further says she wants to be practical; and since it’s a natural phenomenon that good health is important for everyone and for everything people do, she has decided to focus on maintaining her health as well as her happiness. Moreover, she thinks the best way forward to all that is to take a break from work and do whatever is needed to get better.

Salena thanked her fans for their support. She said her fans are very special to her but she needs to face this head on in order that she can be sure she does everything possible to be her best. She said she is sure she is not alone by sharing all this. She hopes others who have similar threats are encouraged to address their problems.

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