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Monday, August 22, 2016

The Founder Of 3 Doors Down Dies Due To Drug Overdose

Matt Roberts has died. According to the press reports, the former guitarist and the founder of American rock band ‘3 Doors Down’ was found dead in his room while the apparent reason behind his death is said to be ‘drug overdose’. The guitarist was 38 years old.

Darrell Roberts, the father of the guitarist announced his son’s death. He was accompanying Matt near Wisconsin for a performance slated for a charity show. Darrell said he was awakened by the police officers who informed him that his son had died. He added Matt rehearsed for his performance till 1am the night before the event. It is fact that his son was taking prescribed medicines but he also believed the expected overdose was accidental. It is worth mentioning that the guitarist passed away overnight. His loss is shocking for his family and friends who loved their beloved pal.

Matt Roberts formed a new music group “3 Doors Down” in 1996 when he was 20. He had Brad Arnold and Todd Harrell as other members of the band who appeared to be the best collaborators of the demised guitarist until he departed the group in 2012 because of uncertain health issues. He was never happy to leave the group but his words ‘blood circulation was getting worse in his body’ were something that better clarified the reason for he was saying goodbye to his friends. At the time he said his band would always have a special place in his heart and it actually saddened him to take this time off but it’s his health which had to be his first priority by that time.

Since the formation of ‘3 Door Down’, its members were in the recognition and the success of their first album gave them high acclamation around the world. Their ‘The better life’ had a sale over 6 million copies in the U.S whereas their second album ‘Away from the sun’ added an additional amount of 4 million earning to the group count. Their song ‘Kryptonite’ gave the band a great amount of fame and stayed as number 3 of super hit songs in the U.S. The track was also popular in the likes of Australia and stood at number 8.

Some famous songs of 3 Door Down band are as follow:

‘Be Like That’ which stood at number 24 in 2001
‘When I’m Gone’ that was at number 4 in the list of hit songs in 2002
‘Here Without You’ a super hit song which ruled at number 5 in 2003
‘Let me Go’ remained a number 14 success in 2004
‘It’s Not My Time’ ran at number 17 in the list of hit songs in 2008

In addition to the music, The Better Life Foundation is a charity that was initiated by the rock band in 2003. Having aim at helping maximum children with better life, TBLF has been working in the collaboration with people who donate their amount to help the organization flourish further. It has also been supportive to many charities all over the country such as the Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse. 

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