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Monday, August 22, 2016

Justin Bieber Arrives To A Scheduled V Fiesta Show With Military Helicopter Group

The Canadian singer Justin Bieber was due to perform at the V-Fiesta on the weekend and he reportedly orchestrated a military helicopter group to arrive the venue. He served as the main performer for the yearly music event that took place for 2016 at Hylands Park in the Chelmsford, the U.K. as Justin’s getting on location for the celebrations wasn’t a small feat.

Sources claim there was a military operation to take the singer to the event. He arrived via a helicopter and a group of 4 cars that got him to the stage. Justin was hopping after Sia, the Australian singer before a live audience who concluded her concert with the superstar closing out the acts for the event.

However, there are people who are raving about the Sorry hit maker and all these gossips suggest that he wants to keep the party going far even after he is done with his concerts at the annual events.  Moreover, rumors are also there saying that the singer is going to throw a party on the site and the exact venue in the festival would be the artist area in the wings.

According to an insider, Justin is familiar with the advantages of throwing a party backstage as he can see the dressing rooms of top celebrities like Jesse Glynne and Tinne Tempah on the location. And it is all about Justin whose party is expected to be a full entertaining package with a frill of talented people.

On the other hand, many people are also of the view that Justin is unlikely to have much for the celebration on the site because the majority of his fans got to the social media in droves to slam singer’s performance. Unfortunately, this time the singer disappointed his fans because of several acts from his end. They felt the singer appeared as he was lip-synching. Using the platform of Twitter, they wrote they loved Justin Bieber but that night at V they found him miming. He was not at all cool and was certainly miming. Others also wrote they did not pay £80 to get a ticket to listen to him in the CD specially when he was on the stage and running around it but did not sing at all.

The Canadian songwriter had enjoyed a grand time since he landed in the United Kingdom for his tour. He spent the whole Friday night partying with lots of celebrities in romantic and cold breezing of London. The Barbadian singer Rihanna was reportedly in the party that hit the venue of Hotspot Tape of the city.

Justin also admitted he was feeling the side effects of his nighttime party before the event while he was on the stage in the performance. Addressing to the live audience in the venue he said he was a little hung-over and he wouldn’t lie. He added he did not see a more real place in the whole world than the United Kingdom and the people of the country hated to fake anything and he respected this.  

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