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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Niall Horan Doesn’t Have New Music in the Works

Niall Horan is not thinking about a solo career as yet. Since One Direction’s hiatus in January 2016, the Irish charmer has all his efforts focused on golf management rather than his music career. Rumors had begun to circulate that he would be releasing new music soon, which would have made him the first One Direction singer to do so, but he dashed those rumors by saying that he doesn’t have any such plans.

He said that he had written bits and pieces, but there was nothing solid in the pipeline because he just wants to do what he likes. The singer said that writing was always fun for him and he wants to try out new things musically. He said that he had had about five writing sessions in the studio and that was all. Currently, he is just relaxing. The 22-year-old admitted that he missed some of his boy-band life, but he said that it was fun to be on his own as well, especially when he can lie in for long.

He is still in regular contact with his bandmates and he said it was great for Harry Styles to venture into acting. He is also trying to make plans to meet Freddie, the baby son of Louis Tomlinson. As far as the 22-year-old Liam Payne is concerned, Niall said he had the inside scoop about his new romance with 32-year-old British popstar-turned-TV personality Cheryl. He called her a fun and great girl and said that the couple was happy. 

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