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Monday, May 30, 2016

Konstantinos Dilzas Beats The UK Radios And Clubs

Now it’s the time! Konstantinos Dilzas from Greece (his song “Petra& Efhi” entered international and USA Latin iTunes Charts and achieved huge airplay to USA, UK, Brazil, Italy, Israel and Portugal) just released his first English track.

The song “Do you remember?”  has just been released and is available to all UK radio stations and UK Clubs. It is the English version of his Greek song “Thimasai?” which was included in many DJsets at UK during the past months.

The music is composed by Dj Sparkey and the English lyrics were written by Tina Refenes (based on the Greek poem “Thimasai?”

The Greek version has been reviewed by the famous Dj Logan Ellis (Spiderhands) and the review video is at YouTube:

The song is the first of a series that will be released soon in House / Dubstep tunes which will be the English versions of Greek poems written by Konstantinos (most of them are already uploaded at YouTube).

The English lyrics in all of them are made by Tina Refenes

The songs are recorded at Polyphoniki studio Athens

Konstantinos has also finished the shooting of his first video clip for the song “Petra & Efhi” which will be presented by MTV Latin in June 2016.

In fact, Konstantinos is a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer who decided to sing as a hobby. He had released a song titled “Skotadi” 3 years ago and the video of the song reached the 10000 views without any serious promo. The song became a small hit in Japan.

In December 2015, after a sad personal story of him he decided to return to the discography more powerful than ever. He signed to “R&F Productions” and released his song “Petra & Efhi” which was based on that personal sad story. The song was produced by Fabrizio Matarelli and was a huge production including Jim Papadamis in accordion, Petros Petropoulos in sound engineering and the Greek super star Sofia Arvaniti in backing vocals!!

The song was released as a digital cd single at all major digital stores all over the world and after 2 weeks AMAZON USA and AMAZON JAPAN decided to release it as a cd single due to the increased demand.

VEVO group (Universal Music Group (UMG), Google, Sony Music Entertainment (SME)) decided to open a new channel dedicated to Konstantinos and so the KonstantinDilzasVEVO channel is already “on air”. The lyrics video of “Petra & Efhi” which was uploaded to channel has already 8000 views in the first week of the release.

The video clip of the song will be uploaded there.

Until then, let’s enjoy the konstantinos house track “Do you remember?” which has been included in many Dj sets @ UK!

Go on Konstantinos!

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