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Friday, June 26, 2015

Rita Ora Doesn't Talk To Her Exes

Image Credit: Ronald Woan via Flickr

Rita Ora perhaps is a personality in the music industry who goes more famous for her love affairs and breakups than her singing. She then never likes to stay as a companion with any of her former relationships once spilt.

The 24yrs old singer has been in love with Rob Kardashian and Calvin Harris in the past years. These high profile affairs soon turned into breakups giving her some unwanted situations too.

The similarity between two of her relationships is the worst ending of their love life. Rob accused her of cheating while Calvin apparently barred her from using any of the music the former couple composed together after their breakup.

Rita is not heartened at all from her past and so is dating Ricky Hilfiger these days. She seems happy with her new boyfriend showing she doesn't care about what has passed by.

According to the British singer, there's a prospect to be friends, but it's not frequent in her view as one always have the backbone and undertone of what has gone. Some people may do that but she hasn't experienced this yet.

Rita also gets popularity for her upcoming album especially for her new song Poison where she has touched the sensitivity her love life. Poison is all about her ex boyfriends whom she has rolled into one and admits to be OK for all failed relationships. According to the songwriter, it's fatal and things like that. "Poison is just how I felt as an individual.” Rita insisted.

Her second album was to release in the beginning of year 2015 but Calvin didn't let her bring some tracks in public.  The album now will be releasing in the autumn. Giving a glimpse at Poison, Rita says it was the last track she recorded for her latest album releasing in September this year.

Rita doesn’t usually speak about her love life but this was first time the actress spoke of her relationships. Talking to Hunger TV she reveled about her love affairs and breakups, Rita said that it was too frightening.  She was "in awe" of Calvin while they were living as one. “I thought he will not have me back but after I worked on I Will Never Let You Down, things seemed "weird" and separated in the end”, Rita said.

The singer is satisfied in her present life and enjoying romance with her new boyfriend whereas she has no complaints from her professional life as well. Rita has shifted from the United Kingdom version of The Voice and has caught The X Factor which has been displayed on various channels in the country explaining her decision to the nation. 

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