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Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Quick Look At Lisa Stansfield's Return

Image courtesy of Giorgio Erriquez via Flickr

Lisa Stansfield returns in impressive style to the recording studio after being disappeared for a long period. The Grammy nomination, multi BRIT, Ivor Novello; and earning Silver Clef Award, the singer has lots on her credit.

Her return starts with 'Live In Manchester' that will be out for public on 2CD, DVD and Blu-ray from August 28th, 2015 on earMUSIC. This high quality production will also contain a 25 minutes interview of the vocalist giving a great and deep insight of Lisa's mind.

The actress and songwriter enjoyed a successful year in 2014. She released her new album 'Seven' that ranked in top hit records across Europe. Not only this but it also gained huge achievement and had stood among the Top 15 tracks in both the UK and Germany. Lisa then enjoyed a sold-out excursion all over Europe and the success of her remix album 'Seven+'.

Lisa performed at Bridgewater Hall on September 7, 2014 in a show 'Live in Manchester'. The amazingly demonstrated pop and soul musical performance was the best piece of her European Tour where an enthusiastically warm welcome by the spectators and her music added a gleaming moonshine to her overall stay in her hometown.

Lisa's amazing performance was shot by Tim Sidwell whereas it was recorded at Abbey Road Studios. This impressively huge presentation by the artist clearly indicated that she's one of the UK’s most excellent and top recording singers and her endless spark on the global stage.

The English singer is lucky to have a tremendous partnership with her talented group, songwriter and spouse Ian Devaney for a striking and successful career. The band together did many catchy soundtracks including 'The Bodyguard' and 'Indecent Proposal. No-one can forget their horn section having performed Lisa's hit tracks like 'All Around The World' and 'Change' as well as some new songs such as 'Can't Dance' and 'So Be It' from the latest creation.

Lisa has seen has 3 decades of her successful music line, being proud of selling approximately 20 million records and a unbeatable STRING of globally top ten hit tracks like 'All Around The World', 'Change', 'All Woman' and 'Someday'.

Here’s a list of recorded tracks from Lisa Stansfield’s collection

1. Can't Dance
2. Set Your Loving Free
3. The Real Thing
4. Stupid Heart
5. Never Never Gonna Give You Up
6. 8-3-1
7. Make Love To Ya
8. Change
9. The Rain
10. Time To Make You Mine
11. Picket Fence
12. What Did I Do To You?
13. People Hold On
14. Someday (I'm Coming Back)
15. Conversation
16. It's Got To Be Real
17. Live Together
18. So Be It
19. There Goes My Heart
20. Carry On
21. Love Can
22. All Around The World

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