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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lana Del Rey Cries After A Conflict With Boyfriend

Somebody must have quoted right that love hurts and this time the saying appears to be fitting the recent situation, Lana Del Rey is in. The 29yrs old singer was reportedly seen weeping like a child after an argument with her boyfriend.

The American star was previously dating her fiancé Barrie James O'Neill and the relationship came to an end with a mutually breakup. After O'Neill, Lana got involved in Francesco Carrozzini who is an Italian photographer and they began to be seen together at many spots in St. Barts.

Their beginning was good however it soon seems to have ended after their recent clash at the LAX airport. Revealing about the conflict, 'New York Daily News' wrote that Lana's new love knocked at an uneven spot two days back when she had an argument with Francesco. The couple was witnessed to begin screaming on each other in the middle of the airport. The witnesses claimed that the argument tone was so high that made the singer weeping with her eyes out.

The sources detailed the story saying that the couple was fighting at the Delta terminal at LAX Airport on Monday. Lana was seen in tears, crying her eyes out, and arguing with Francesco. It appeared as if they had a big blow-up argument. The singer was looking completely stressed out and dismayed.

Lana publicly declared her relationship with the Italian professional in June last year. And after that declaration, the couple was never looked shy about revealing their romance in public. They were many times seen taking leisurely walk together and kissing while out and about.

According to a blog post on, Lana hasn't ever closed herself from talking about her ex-fiancé and she even disclosed the reasons to an entertainment magazine that caused the former couple break their togetherness. According her, she wasn't aware if the relation she had been in several years would be failed in this way and this is something that has destroyed a lot of her.

'Despite it took some time but I have completely come out of it and have knocked down every bit of depression and anxiety. Now it has gone on shaky ground association making it impossible to shake my emotional insecurity."

The ‘born to die’ hit maker also revealed her happy and she feels like being in heaven. She explained how lovely it was when she made Brooklyn, New York and her dwelling helped her out in many ways however she has to struggle for her life’s unexpected situation even if its on the smooth phase.

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