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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Williams Announces The Release Of His New Album

Reggie Williams’ huge yet special album is going to knock at your door today. The singer announced the release of his new collection last week.  Williams was found conveying his message to his for fans and said that there are lots of songs that he has written and wants his devotees listen to them.

'The album has all the songs, I am very zealous about.' He added.

Williams’ secret album includes b-sides, demos and other tracks that couldn’t get official releasing. The songwriter was confident that he would let people into a secret. According to Williams, Guy Chambers wasn't happy with him for putting these tracks on this album. Guy thinks that William is a lunatic for not putting them on an album that they have made promotions of through television performances, at radio stations, and a big excursion.

Williams says that he's an impulsive bugger, and wants all songs out now.

Another interesting phase of this release is that William and his former band 'Take That' are releasing their albums on the same day. However Take That's album will be their debut album and being out as a trio. Releasing under the Radar, music lovers will be grabbing their copies of Volume through Williams' store only.

On the other hand, some reports are also being surrounding that no doubts seem to be giving any challenges to Williams' previous group in the release of their album on the same day. However indicating the possibilities, it is also being said that the digital version of Williams' album is expected to hit the store on December 8, 2014

Williams has also decided doing a chat on the same day as the album releases. He will reportedly be revealing many things about his new secret music project. 'That will be another hidden music collection', The source said.

The volume 1 will be in your hands both as download CD and signed CD. The Radar will be having the honored of its release.

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