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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Britney Signs New Contract For Her Crew

The American hit maker is glad to be live on stage in Vegas for coming years ahead. The reason behind this happiness is the job security it provides the singer’s team.

Britney Spears started residing at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino 11months back. Here she had many shows leading a rousing success which opened a new door for her giving an extension to her concerts. She signed a contract that will take her up to 2017.

On the other hand, her concerts’ ticket sales are supposed to have caught up. But sources confirm that she isn't doing this for money.

'The blonde star isn’t fond of money Britney. It’s just the security of two more years to her dancers, team, and everyone occupied in the gigs. This is the reason for Britney decides to stick to it," the sources claim.

"Despite this contract will pocket her heavy thirty million but she seems to be less than excited for performing to empty seats," an insider revealed.

According to some sources, Britney said that there is no way in torture that she would be performing to a half empty theater. She’s just hit in thriving the viewers’ liveliness.

"When everyone felt that they had to go see Britney performing, the theatre was chock-a-block. But now that it is continuing, the whole thing seems to have misrepresented."

However, the hit maker hasn't let things get her feel blue so she seems to be fully enjoying her new Britney era with a startling Halloween show. The 32yrs old songster and her dancers were thrilled for the show so they clothed up with weird but excellent outfits. Britney was wearing a mini-skirt, stockings and glasses, and looked really amazing.

Britney also inspired the American jokey-woman Kathy Griffin who came to praise her stage performance this weekend. Sharing the experience, Kathy wrote on Tweeter that she spent Saturday evening at Britney Spears’s show in Vegas.

" woke up w rug burns! What happened? (sic)' she gushed.

The singer tweeted her back saying that it was great having Kathy in her show and she was sure that a lot has happened to the guest.

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