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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sam Smith Doesn’t Talk Too Much About His Sexuality

Sam Smith doesn't like to put any limitations when he wants to speak up for someone or something. The star of today's generation unveiled many secrets from the time when he was a gay before his first album release. He said that he's proud of his sexuality and it’s just not done when people say otherwise.

 "It actually hurts me". The British singer expressed.

Sam is the songwriter of his feelings who rose the popularity with his lots of hits; and many of those were portraying his own wordings. The British singer gets upset every so often as he doesn't talk much about his sexuality. He was sitting on a chat show by the Ellen DeGeneres where he stated as that people think that he didn't like to be representative for the gay community but it's not like that.

 ‘I want to be a voice for everyone.’ he said

According to the 22yrs old star, he doesn't want the topic of sexuality to be limited whether it discusses a gay or bisexual.

Coincidently, the 56yrs old man hosting the talk show is gay. He too was agreed to the point saying that being a spokesman of a minority crowd could be a challenging act. Sam also showed his concerns saying as it could be a strange caption when someone is called a representative of gay community but if he wants to dedicate his life for them then no one should oppose it.

Sam found no better words as its reply than saying that he is 22 years old and still trying to sort everything out.

at the same time as the reports of his sexual orientation was something revealing to the general awareness for all people, it didn’t meant for Sam’s loved ones. The singer let it slipped to Ellen that everyone in his relatives was familiar with this since he was in early age.

As per Sam, he didn't want to come out but when he came out it was like four years old child.

‘According to my mother, she was aware of everything when I was three.’ He added. The songster said that he sometimes felt like he needed to talk about it before he released his album so everyone knows what it was about.  And he also felt like it was something really bold thing to do.

‘I felt like doing it before because if I did it afterwards the community probably would get an idea that I was lying just for selling my records.' He added.

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